With a salary of only Rs 70,000/month, how can a family of 4 afford to live in Bengaluru?

I plan to commute by bike/city bus to office in Bellandur and later Kormangala. I want to rent a 2-BHK simple flat/house from an accessible area to my office. I need to put aside Rs 10k/month for my kid's school expenses. My spouse is a house-wife.

Answer :-

That's decent income to live in Bengaluru. Below are the monthly expenses for a family with normal lifestyle:
  • 10000 - Kids Education
  • 2500 - Public transport or Fuel
  • 2500 - Utility Bills
  • 12000 - Rent
  • 10000 - Groceries and vegetables
  • 5000 - Weekend masti
  • 5000 - Family shopping

That sums up to 47000, make it 50000. You are still left with 20k which you can use for investment and policies.
Medical expenses are unexpected and inevitable so I have not considered it. Put aside another 2k for that.
Source :- quora.com