Why is South India much more developed than North India?

Question:-  I'm from Pakistan. Recently, I visited my family in Hyderabad & Kanpur/Lucknow/Delhi. Toured other parts as well. I found South cleaner and more developed.  Cities are definitely ahead while North which is similar to Pakistan lacks in these parameter's. Also IMO far more progressive society in south

Answer:-  I do not intend to start a South-North debate but here are a few facts why South India fares a tad better than the North

1.Obvious stated first..Better literacy rates ( Kerala 93.9%, Andhra 91.1%..compared to national avg 75%) means more people are educated and hence is better informed about the causalities.
2. Presence of regional poltical parties forming governments  in the likes of CPI-M in Kerala; AIADMK,DMK in Tamil Nadu, TDP in Andhra. You do not want to mess up the only state u have the sphere of influence on :)
3.More foreign remittances . Since the major chunk of students and working population of Indians are from the South. Weak Rupee:Dollar ratio?? Atleast we are happy :)
4. More equitable growth. Less urban-rural divide compared to the North. Everyone has a share of both through their lives :)
5. Inspiration from intellects that has contributed immensely towards the growth of the nation. Citing an example; most of the countries' strategic R&D institutions are located in the south. 
6. Less corruption and comparitively better waste management in southern cities compared to the north; although nation-wide the index is getting better. Cheers India!
Its not that North India lacks any of it, but the facets of having a whisker more developed  has to be any one of the aforementioned reasons :)
Afterall its just one India and we all take pride in being part of our nation. East,West North ya South. :)  Happy to answer to my dear friend from Pakistan
Jai Hind :)

source : quora.com