Why Indian Muslims are not loyal to India? Why do they always support Pakistan?

Answer :-

Opinion 1:-

In some situations these type of questions hurts a lot.
Since my first class onwards every day I did a pledge and it start like this,
India is my country and all Indians are my brothers and sisters. I love my country and I am proud of its rich and varied heritage. I shall always strive to be worthy of it....

I don't know anything about Pakistan until I reach higher secondary school. Even in school also I studied like this,
India shares its political borders with other countries. Pakistan and Afghanistan on the west and Bangladesh and Myanmar on the east. The northern boundary is made up of the Sinkiang province of China, Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan.
In India there are 17.22 crore Muslims, who are experiencing all situations like others,   who are supporting India like others, who will be happy to see a victory against Pakistan (in ICC WT20), and who are ready to give their lives like others when needed.
Final note: In my opinion except Islam, we don't have any other similarity with any other Muslim country in the world, because we are Indians.

Opinion 2:-

Have you heard of of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad
Have you heard of param vir Chakra Abdul Hamid
Have you heard the most loved Indian APJ Abdul Kalam.
Have you heard of the World's 2nd most recognized celebrity, Shah Rukh Khan.
Have you heard of Our ex-Captain Azharuddin who won cricket matches against Pakistan?
Have you heard of India's Mozart, AR Rehman who made India proud by bagging an Oscar.​

What do you see in those pictures?

It is 2016. Why do we still associate Muslims with Pakistan. 
Who is Pakistan? a breakaway state. 
Who are these Muslims? These are just Indians who pray in  India, for India and will be INDIAN MUSLIMS forever.

These are just few pictures and names of 150 million Indian Muslims. Or to be precise, INDIANS.

Opinion 3:-

A friend of mine is a Muslim. He was born in Dubai. His parents live and work in Dubai. He learnt Hindi when he came to India. 

He told me about Dubai ( Muslim majority city state). 

He told me that they, being immigrants, have no rights. Once their work visa expires they would be forcefully deported back to India.

And then he said :-

Whether you like it or not, India is *your* country. Not Dubai, Not Saudi. 

Many Tamilians supported LTTE. Vaiko and others are pretty vocal about it. 

Why ? Because they have a shared history with Tamilians of Sri Lanka.

Same goes for Muslims. 

But, this is *your* country.