Why don't we hear any news from Andaman and Nicobar in India?

I spent the first 18 years of my life there, so feel qualified to comment.

You do not hear any news from there because newsworthy things happen very rarely in Andaman and Nicobar islands.

It is far away (over 1000 km) from mainland India Google Maps
It is an union territory (Union territory) with a small population (about 380,000) spread over many distant islands. So, no state government and no local political news to report. It has one MP out of 543 in parliament - hence no influence to peddle and consequently no news from there either. 

Despite its size the population is very diverse - substantial number of Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam and Nicoberese speakers live there. Over 20% are Christians. Dispute or any sort of conflict within this population is unheard of. I really mean this when I say that until I started living in mainland India (Trichy and later Bangalore) I had not realized how bitter and violent identity based politics using language or religion can get. So no news of communal violence from Andaman either.

Possibly due to the low population and distance from mainland there is hardly any industry worth talking about. News like "Fiat investing so much money", "Reliance opening new factory" etc are non existent. No notable movie star, singer, artist, author, poet, sportperson or anyone remotely famous live there.

The few times I remember seeing Andaman & Nicobar hitting Doordarshan news were when - 
1) There was a volcanic eruption (Barren Island volcano news & eruption updates (Indian Ocean / India > Andaman Islands)  / 30 May 2005 - 19 Aug 2015
2)The 2004 tsunami struck the islands (2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami
3)Rajiv Gandhi visited us sometime in the 80s. We, the school children stood by the side of the road all day for his car to pass by and shouted "Rajiv Gandhi Zindabad!!" when finally the entourage came :-) 
4) When the local tribal population were getting exploited by tourist companies and (thankfully) it eventually came out in the news (Jarawa (Andaman Islands)

That's it. There is nothing else to report.

In other words, this is a perfect place to grow up.

I am increasingly of the opinion that this is a perfect place to spend the rest of my life too :-).