Why do people prefer Android devices over iOS devices?

As for Androids over iOS, in facts or reasoning:
  1. Price: The most common reason in my opinion is that Android devices tend to be cheaper than iPhones. Android-smartphone makers are also emerging with "affordable" phones... e.g: Wileyfox Swift/Storm, OnePlus One, and so on.
  2. Customization: Android can be tweaked to a very great extent, unlike iOS.  Several aspects like launchers, lock screens, etc. You can make an Android look like an iOS device with the usage of certain apps BUT you can't make an iOS device look like its running Android. You can't make an iOS device look any different (other than simple changes like wallpaper, ringtone, etc.)
  3. Specifications: Comparing phones of the same generation <if thats the right word> almost always leads to the same conclusion: Android devices sport higher-end hardware than their iPhone rival for about the same price*

Androids over iOS, in terms of society or culture:
  1. Some people just feel smarter by having an Android device. Because they pay for something that deserves the payment.
  2. In some rural areas, having an iPhone is rare because its price is too high. This is basically like the first point - but some areas of the world don't sell iPhones OR sell it at a ridiculously high price due to its low demand.
  3. Having an iPhone seems to cause so much anxiety. Pictures of broken screens, bending phones, etc. tends to demotivate people who have been saving up for a phone. They want to get a phone after so much work, but they also want something durable. iPhones appear to be everything but durable.

source :- quora.com