Why do non vegetarian Hindus have a problem renting homes to Muslims?

Whoever told you that Hindus won't rent homes to Muslims because of the non-vegetarian issue either lied conveniently or at least spoke only part of the truth. Don't Hindus hire Muslim maid-servants to wash their utensils or cook their food? No the reality is deeper and more profound than that.

Hindu and Muslim beliefs are incompatible. That's the simple answer. Also Muslims have generated for themselves a name and an image of notoriety that Hindus fear that they will get them in trouble with the law. There is too much distrust and fear permeating the environment. Lets take my own case: I can tolerate renting my home to the normal Muslim, the one who doesn't take their religion too seriously, doesn't have too long a beard, doesn't insist on Burqua for women of his house etc. All in all a Muslim by name but not much of a Mussalman by practice. Such a Muslim living in my house, I have no objection to. But bring me a Muslim who keeps a long beard, wears a skullcap with a team of head to toe covered women-in-black and my answer will be a blunt no, and to make that socially acceptable and not offend those at my doorstep (for after all, Atithi devo bhavah) I might tell that non-veg food is the reason.

Have you spotted the faultline? Well let me make it even more clear. A Muslim, because of  his non-conormance to Orthodox Islam will be more familiar to me than a Muslim that follows all the rules given in the Islamic rulebook. The latter I will not like to live in my home for everything that is part of their culture is completely against mine and generates natural fear/anxiety in me. This is my level. From this point alone you can extrapolate the behavior of all Hindus based on their social exposure and education level.

Vegetarian or not, the Hindus dont find the Islamic beliefs and practices familiar and it is natural to fear that which is unfamiliar. This is the politically correct bit. The politically incorrect bit is that Hindus, through past experiences have learnt what comes off with too close association with the Muslims; that is not me speaking but folk wisdom. If you don't trust me on that then I invite you to discover it for yourself in some town where Muslims and Hindus both live.