What is it like when people confuse your mother for your sister or girlfriend?

I've been facing this a lot lately. And I've been enjoying it !
This is during a recent family vacation in Goa. No one believed that was my mom flanked by me on the left and my younger brother on the right. I'm a 21 year old, by the way, and my brother is 19.

Here's another pic of me with my beautiful mom. Would anyone believe that's my 45 year old mom next to me there ?

She stole the show when I posted this on fb. Literally every single person commented on her stunning youth-like appearance.
Here's another one -

Now, coming to how it feels - I'm quite proud to tell everyone what a beautiful mom I have. Quite a few commented that she looks more like my girl friend than my mom ! :D
It's great for me too ! Several girls come and tell me how pretty they think my mom is. They've asked the secret of her beauty and youth and I reply " It's MY mom ! What do you expect ! :P ".
Thanks Amma. You'll always be the most beautiful woman for me.
This is for people asking for a family pic. My 50 year old father has also managed to retain his youthful appearance. :)

My parents celebrated their 24th wedding anniversary yesterday. People still comment that they look like a newly wedded couple ! :D
And for those wanting to know, my parents give credit to a happy family for their youthful appearance. :)

Source :- quora.com