What are some unethical life hacks?

Answer :-

Opinion 1:-

A. Professional life

  • Applying for a position you are not really good at? 
    Add main keywords (related to the role and the industry) to your online resume in "white font". Most HR departments of big companies have a basic screening algorithm that scans the document for such keywords.

    Is this ethical? NO. Will it help you bypass the first line of defense? LIKELY.
  • No idea about how good/bad your competition is for a particular job?
    Post an fake ad for a similar role (on any site you choose). This way you will get a good number of resumes you can use to come up with a benchmark.

    Are you a jackass for wasting people's time? YES. Will it help? YES.
B. Making and saving money

Opinion 2:-

In India, on finding drivers breaking traffic rules, the traffic police officers often have this habit of pulling keys from the motorcycles to ensure that people do not escape without getting penalized. Almost every two-wheeler motor driver (ignorant driver) must have experienced this. So here is what one can do to avoid a fine. Always have a spare key of your ride in your pocket. The moment this happens, react that you are screwed. But the minute you find the officer not paying attention. Just RUN!

We are not well aware of the law. A traffic police cannot take out your vehicle key. They don't have the right to do so.
Opinion 3:-

Works well with me all the time.
Online shopping on many sites has free shipping if total/minimum order is of X amount and free returns.  Buy worth that amount; keep what u intended to use, return the extra. Save on shipping charges.
Online retailers increases the discount towards end of sale. Order your must have items in the beginning so u get your size color and your choice. Keep checking the website, if you find the item you purchased at lower price, buy it again. Even if you have used the first purchase,the second purchase arrives within the free return window (usually 21-30 days) of first purchase. Return the second purchase items against your first order. As items size everything is same there is never a concern. Pls ensure and do not jumble up the order number while returning. You save quite a lot.