What are some of the best questions generally asked in an IIT interview?

Transocean Internship Recruitment, IIT Kanpur, September 2014

Interviewer: Do you have a girlfriend?
Me: Uhh, Yes sir
Interviewer: How long has it been for you guys?
Me: 13 Months sir
Interviewer: Where did you meet her? 
Me: (Told him how we met through a mutual friend)
Interviewer: Enact they way you proposed to her
Me: (Poker face)! 

Then the whole panel sat back on their seats and watched me enact the proposal to my girlfriend. I told them how I said 'I like you' to her and she said that she feels the same. It was very embarrassing at that time.

Later in the night, during a phone call with my girlfriend
Me: The interviewer asked me how I proposed to you
She: What did you say?
Me: I told them how I said 'I like you' and our conversation thereafter
She: I can't believe this, you said 'I love you' to me and not 'I like you'

I couldn't believe that after a stressful interview, all she had to do was fight about this minor incident. No wonder she had to leave, my life!

EDIT: This won't be the best question EVER, but has been the most interesting one ever asked to me in an interview.

source :- quora.com