What are some of the best examples of hypocrisy in India?

Whatever I have seen,experienced or witnessed in all my growing years has made me a firm believer that we Indians are by and large a hypocrite society in every which way.

We worship all our rivers as Goddesses and still pollute them.On the auspicious days of the year we feel all blessed by taking a dip in the same waters we had been dumping our wastes into. the pollution levels in Ganga hit a alarming levels during the kumbh melas. The same is the case with Hindu temples and pilgrimage places.A trek to Vaishno Devi or Jagannath Puri shows that even the holiest of our shrines today are often islands of squalor, disorder and lacking even basic facilities (such as clean toilets and clean drinking water).What kind of misplaced devotion is this,that we defile the same place which we treat as holy and sacred.

A photo taken during Maha Kumbh mela in Allahbad.(Google)

We offer gallons of liters of milk,ghee and numerous food articles to God instead of feeding the hungry for whom one meal itself is God. The satguru Sai Baba who spent his entire life preaching benevolence and empathy and lived a plain, facile life is offered hundreds of kgs of gold and jewels in a country where still millions are living in a utter state of of poverty.Are we really following what is preached by our seers and lies at the foundation of our religion.

Milk wasted in temples while millions go without food: Madras high court - The Times of India

Girls in our modern day Indian families are told since childhood to live their dreams, follow their heart,but only till they get married.After that she is supposed to alter her dreams and make her heart follow what is good for her husband and family.Recognition and acknowledgement of a women's career in India is still not a common practice .Why to put dreams in somebody's eyes when we as a society are not ready to let them flourish.

Pic Courstesy: The Hindu

We criticize social ill practices like dowry,domestic violence,preference for male child,child labor but never hesitate to participate in such weddings,go to such homes,and mingle with such people. Shouldn't be such practices socially boycotted and not just mere legally.

Dowry still socially accepted.(Google)

In spite of being a country who is known for Vasudhav Kutumbkam(Entire universe is a family) we have brothers fighting for family property.Family feuds run at our overburdened courts for years.

We teach our children to mingle with the ones who are at par or better than us maybe culturally,sometimes even at caste level or at knowledge levels.But later when the same kids grow up to be self centered and leave their parents at old age homes we put a entire generation at fault blaming the changing times,modernization and what not. Are they just not practicing what they witnessed or learnt.

There are hundreds many more examples that prove that we as a society practice hypocrisy blatantly and openly.

The times are changing and I seriously hope than we as society will also change.Become more empathetic, realistic and finally practice what we preach...