What are some of the best examples of immature statements made by Rahul Gandhi?

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Opinion 1:-

Times when we wished Rahul Gandhi would just think before he speaks.
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1. 'We will stop 99% terror attacks but 1 % of attacks might get through'
Not the best way to convey condolences after a terrorist attack, Rahul's
comments after the 2011 serial bomb blasts in Mumbai earned him the ire
of the opposition and the general public alike. When Rahul was reminded
that there was no terror attack in the United States after the 9/11
strike whereas India often faced the menace, he said the Americans had
been facing attacks in other places like Afghanistan.
2. 'India is 21st century Saudi Arabia'
Nobody had the patience to hear Rahul explain the remark he made during his
recent visit to Punjab. He literally got slammed on Twitter the instant
he uttered this now infamous statement. Apparently, a diplomat had told
him that just as the 20th century was dominated by Saudi Arabia because
of its oil reserves, the 21s century belongs to India because of its
young population and "human resources". But we couldn't go beyond the
3. 'Hindu extremism is a bigger threat to India than the Lashkar-e-Toiba'
According to Wikileaks cables, in 2009, Rahul Gandhi had told a U.S
diplomat, "Although there was evidence of some support for
Laskar-e-Taiba among certain elements in India's indigenous Muslim
community, the bigger threat may be the growth of radicalised Hindu
groups, which create religious tensions and political confrontations
with the Muslim community." BJP latched on the chance and termed Rahul
as a 'sick mind'.
4. 'Politics is in your pants and your shirt'
While urging young people in Punjab to join politics, Rahul Gandhi obviously chose the wrong words of encouragement.
5. '7 out of 10 youths in Punjab have drug problem'
Rahul Gandhi's latest statement, made during a student gathering in Punjab
has clearly landed him in a soup.The Akali Dal has termed him an
arrogant leader and the general public took to Twitter to make some
serious allegations against Mr. Gandhi's intelligence.

Opinion 2:-

Rahul Gandhi's statements:

If there is a name for a person who says the right things in a wrong manner, then that would be apt for Rahul Gandhi.
His comments do not reek of immaturity, but he does not know how to say what he has in his mind. I mean- anyone in their right mind would not say that poverty is a mindset and literally mean it the same way.
There are many statements and many of his actions are also like that. Lets look at a few statements( some of them absurd, and some of them outright atrocious) made by him.

1. Dalits need the escape velocity of Jupiter:  Try saying this in your native tongue, you would see how absurd it sounds.
I know that he meant well that to uplift the Dalits, we need to put a humongous effort in social upliftment schemes which is easily comparable with the escape velocity of Jupiter. If he had said that in a simpler manner that Dalits needed the help of kind that's not enough at present, everybody would more than enough understand. Infact, I and many of my Dalit friends had a good laugh at his statement.

2. Poverty is a state of mind: Try the same experiment of saying this in your native tongue.
Poverty is real. You go down to any village and there is poverty, in your face. Again, its easily seen that he meant poverty could be tackled if we have enough willpower. It would have been understandable if he had mentioned that as it was. But again there is a chance that not many poor people would understand his Cambridge level English speeches.

3. Show your 56-inch chest: This remark came after the UK Dual citizenship papers were released. Read 'Modiji, Investigate Me. Show Your 56-Inch Chest': Rahul Gandhi's Dare .
Its the most ugliest remark. Modi might be his political opponent, but there is a difference between criticizing your political opponent and making slights on his personality. He is, after all, the democratically elected PM of this country. By making remarks like this, he is insulting the democratic process by which India functions.

4. Political Vendetta: Another remark in response to the National Herald case. National Herald case: 100% vendetta coming out of PMO, says Rahul Gandhi
Whatever might be the differences of opinion between you and the government, its not advisable to stall the Parliamentary proceedings. The Winter session is headed for another washout. Do you know it costs 9 Crore of the exchequer's money to run a session of Parliament for 1 Day?. Why do you have to waste public money and stall important social and economic reforms, just to settle your political scores?. The Indians have given you a place for being a responsible Opposition, not to hold the Parliament to ransom.

5. Criticizing Make In India, Swach Bharath and getting trolled: This happened in a Bangalore college. Is Make in India working, Rahul Gandhi asks Mount Carmel students; reply embarrasses Cong MP
Now whether Make In India is really working or not is a different question. However, the fact remains that Rahul Gandhi made it a personal attack on Modi's policy which has got the potential to boost the Indian Economy. Rightly so, the students rejected that propaganda. Clean India, JanDhan Yojana, Bei Bachao Yojana are schemes which many people in my native village down South has appreciated. Its actually a good initiative to improve the lives of the poor. Rahul Gandhi has to accept it.
I dislike Rahul Gandhi, not as a person, but his antics on field. Outside politics, he might be a perfectly responsible personality, for all we know. I am not saying that he cannot learn from his mistakes. If he plays the role of a responsible Opposition, instead of stalling Parliament, he must also learn to respect our PM , who was elected by a democratic process. He has got chances of a comeback, but he is ruining it every-time he has an opportunity to do it otherwise.

Opinion 3:-

Rahul Gandhi Immature statements:

I feel that Rahul is not only immature but also a person with less knowledge and dignity. I here mentioned some key statements he made publicly

1.  New Delhi - 19-Apr-2007
 His family was responsible for the division of Pakistan and the creation of Bangladesh in      1971.

2.  New Delhi - 19-Apr-2007
His family been in power in 1992, it would have stopped Hindu mobs from razing a controversial mosque in Uttar Pradesh they say was built on the site believed to be the birthplace of Hindu god-king Ram.

The destruction of the ancient mosque, when veteran Congress leader P.V. Narasimha Rao was prime minister, triggered some of India’s worst Hindu-Muslim violence.

3. Bhopal: 10-Jul-2007
 He felt there was not much difference between the SIMI and RSS as both were "fanatical" and held "fundamentalist" views.

  4. Darbhanga:   15-Feb-2010
 “India can change only if Gujarat changed first.”
Later he modified by saying It's my mistake, I said Gujarat instead of Bihar by mistake.

5. New Delhi: WikiLeaks - 18-Dec-2010
 A WikiLeaks cable quoting Rahul Gandhi as saying that “radicalized Hindu groups” may be a bigger danger than Islamist terrorists fetched a quick clarification from the Congress general secretary Friday that both “terrorism and communalism of all kinds” posed major threats to India.

6. Bhubaneswar - 14-Jul-2011
       A day after serial blasts rocked Mumbai, Rahul Gandhi today said it is "very difficult" to stop every single terror attack but asserted that 99 per cent of the strikes in the country have been stopped due to vigilance and intelligence efforts.The AICC General Secretary also patted the government for the manner in which it responded to the latest attack, saying the response was prompt.

7. UP : 14-Nov-2011
He asked UP youth "till when you would migrate to Maharashtra looking for the job and begging for food

8. Chandigarh: 11-Oct-2012

"Seven out of 10 youth in Punjab have drug problems."

 "A diplomat told me that 21st century's Saudia Arabia is India."
9.  UP: 14-Apr-2012
   "I am a Brahmin...and general secretary in the party."

10.  Delhi 07 Mar 2013
   Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday said that he was not interested in becoming the Prime Minister of the country.

11. Lucknow: 6-Aug-2013
“Poverty is just a state of mind” the worst comment that no matured person will make.
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