Some Lesser Known / Interesting Facts About Delhi Metro

Fact #1

The Delhi Metro carries more than 700 million passengers every year (and growing) - that's more than double the population of United States.

Fact #2

The Calcutta Metro (16.75 kms) took 22 years to build. The first and second phase of the Delhi

Metro (168 kms) under the leadership of E Sreedharan, was built in less than 8 years.

Fact #3

The Delhi Metro network is expected to cover 295 kms carrying over 4 million daily passengers by 2016.

Fact #4

The Delhi Metro has more than 200 trains which, combined, travel 69,000 kms every day. Just to give you an idea: The earth's circumference is a mere 40,075 kms.

Fact #5

The Delhi Metro is punctual 99.7% of the time. That's outstanding.

The Female voice of the Delhi Metro — Rini Simon Khanna (Speaks in English)

The Male voice of the Delhi Metro — Shammi Narang (Speaks in Hindi)

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