Narendra Modi: Is Narendra Modi incorruptible?

Answer :-

Opinion 1:-

This is from one of the rare interviews of Narendra Modi:

Few years ago an editor of a very famous newspaper came to interview him. Narendra Modi used to live in 
Delhi at that time. He was the National Secretary of BJP. The editor called him at 7.30 am in the morning.

Editor: Modiji, I want to meet you.

Modiji: Okay, come by 10.30-11am.

Editor: No-No sir, I am outside your house. Shall I just come in if you permit?

Modiji: Yes please come in.

Narendra Modi used to wear saffron coloured Lungi and sleep on the kambal (woolen blanket). There were few books and newspaper spread here and there. There was a copper Lota (vessel) filled with water and a plastic chair. He offered the editor to sit.

Now can you imagine...he was the chief of the ruling party...chief of ruling party of such a huge nation and he used to live in a house with one room. (BJP won the state assembly elections in 1995)

Modiji: Will you have some tea?

Editor: sure sir.

Narendra Modi went outside on a foothpath with a glass. He bought a cup of tea from the foothpath and he served the editor.

Modiji: So what was the urgency all about?

Editor: It is a matter of great difficulty sir.

Modiji: What is the matter? You came so early in the morning...there has to be some difficulty.

Editor: No sir...I just came up to see you.

Modiji: This is not the case sir...there is some problem...please speak up.

Editor: Sir, actually I wanted to cover a story on the politicians with RSS background on their work ethic and life and how their standard of living has changed.

Modiji: All my living is here in front of you.

Editor: Sir, I am taken aback by your simplicity...what should i do with the story??? This is not what we use to listen.

Modiji: Sir this is how I please do the story on how I am.

The story was never done. Probably because there was nothing fancy to write about. Narendra Modi is the epitome of simplicity. He is one of those who believe in simple living and high thinking.
I don't know how this answers the question...but this is how one remembers the powers as well as the responsibility. Take a bow sir :)

Opinion 2:-

Has he ever made money for himself or his family? No

Has he ever done anything against the nation's interest? No

Is he devoted to India and its people? Yes

Does he ever take a day off work to sit back and relax? No

Is he just and fair? Yes

Is he selfless? Yes

What has he done with with his salary and the gifts he received as the CM of Gujarat? Donated towards girl child education

But our sample is 12 years of his life. Is it good enough to conclude that the record will stay clean for the next 12 years as well? A hypothesis test with 99% confidence interval would say that yes, he will stay clean for the next 12 years as well.

But statistics only talks about probabilities and not definitive conclusions. So it can not be concluded with certainty that he will not or can not corrupt himself in future. (Also because the assumption of normality of population may not hold true)

So the answer is NO.

But yes, the probability of NaMo becoming susceptible to any form of corruption is very very low.

Opinion 3:-

Lets look at some of the statements given by leaders of Congress Party about Narendra Modi when US CONSUL GENERAL MEETS GUJARAT  MODI.

  1. Rajkot Congress party leader Manoharsinh Jadeja said "Modi's accomplishments are undeniable," and admitted that the Congress would make little headway against the BJP in Gujarat anytime soon.  Modi is extremely popular, Jadeja said, and even Muslims are now supporting him to some extent because he is viewed as someone who is completely incorruptible and can deliver the goods.  Consul General asked if Modi could become a national BJP leader, and Jadeja said he hoped so because as long as he was the CM in Gujarat, Congress would face a tough challenge.
  2. Consul General met at length with longtime former Congress party MP and former Minister of Environment Yuraj Digvijay Sinhji.  Asked whether Modi could become a national leader, Sinhji (himself the scion of the princely Wankaner family and a Cambridge grad) sniffed that Modi "lacks the polish and refinement" to become a national leader.  But Sinhji raised another reason why Modi could face challenges in becoming a national leader:  Modi's reputation for being completely incorruptible is accurate, and if he were to become a national leader he would crack down on corruption throughout the BJP. There are too many BJP rank and file waiting to line their pockets once the BJP returns to power, Sinhji said, and the prospect of Modi cracking the whip on corruption is entirely unappealing to this crowd.  Modi would have a hard time clearing this hurdle, according to Sinhji.
So, the first point was proved true when Modi won the Gujarat assembly elections with huge majority and support from all the communities in 2012.
The second point is coming to be true in present day scenario, as we are seeing unhappy politicians making comments from opposition as well as some within BJP.

Overturned the corruption done by previous government:

Coal and Telecom Auctions: Coal mining rights and telecommunications bandwidth were at the center of the biggest scandals that helped to sink the Congress party in general elections in 2014. Mr. Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party did not shy away from putting them back on the block to help raise money for the government and kick-start growth in these crucial sectors.
Scandal Free: Of course it’s early in the game, but so far in his premiership, there has been no huge scandal to suggest that the latest people in power are more corrupt than the last batch.

The one from the Chief executives, investment bankers, and lawyers

Chief executives, investment bankers, and lawyers privately say that the current government has made it much harder for tycoons to get special dispensations from Delhi. Prem Watsa, chairman and chief executive officer of Canada's Fairfax financial is one of the few who has publicly asserted that corruption has disappeared at the highest levels.

Graft is secret by its nature, which makes its absence hard to spot. Nevertheless, there are signs that things are changing. Modi's government has held transparent auctions for telecom spectrum and coal mines - a big change from the discretion-based approach of the previous government, which was known for allocating permits to favoured business houses. In May, India approved a tough bill targeting undeclared "black money" stashed abroad.

Tycoons are also feeling the heat as Modi turns the screws on the state lenders that dominate the country's banking system and are wracked with stressed loans. The government is taking a stricter approach to allocating capital, forcing banks to pile pressure on some of the country's most powerful business groups to sell assets, restructure, and pay down overdue debt. Essar Oil's agreement to sell part of a key refinery to Russia's Rosneft is a sign of the changing times.

The one from politicians of rival parties
Even the stiffest opposers of Narendra Modi have to say this about Modi
This book (Narendra Modi: Fall of corruption in India) by Ekta Kalra and Karanvir Singh Kalra can throw more light than anyone else
Transparency International Corruption Perception Index 2015, which ranked India 76 out of 168 countries (with 1 being the least corrupt) compared to India's rank of 85 in 2014.
These positive changes would not have happened in such a big democracy without a clean leader at the top.

See the vision of this man
The above facts very much proves that Narendra Modi is incorruptible.

Opinion 4:- 

I would love to share an incident which occurred last year.

I am an MBBS student of AIIMS Delhi, and my 3rd semester just started in August 2015. In 3rd semester, we are taught how to take history of patients. So, I was taking history of a lady in Cardio and Neuro Tower. She was put on oxygen, hence her son was giving the history.

Upon asking, I came to know that he was from Faridabad. As I was from Faridabad too, a good rapport formed between us. After a prolonged conversation about her disease and Faridabad, I came to know that he is an SPG member and had come here on leave to show her mother. I was excited and asked him about his job. He told me that he had been in security of Dr. Manmohan Singh, and now he is with Modiji. I asked him about Modi. He told me about things like how he sleeps only for nearly 4 hours, does yoga daily and eats food while sitting on floor. The thing which I liked the most was ,'' Modiji bahut acche hain. Ham sabko naam se bulate hain aur bahut pyar se bat karte hain.’’

(Modiji is very good. He calls us by name and talks very nicely).

Listening to him, I was thinking about his politeness. Everyday we hear about people abusing their maids and here the PM is calling his guards by their names.

It might be an ordinary thing, but I thought of sharing it.