Is there anything in cricket that Rahul Dravid is better at than Sachin Tendulkar?


In a broader sense, Dravid is excellent at leaving those things alone, which might seem really lucrative, which he doesn't want. Be it the (excess) limelight or the politics of the game and beyond, fortunately and/or purposefully, he has really distanced himself nicely from all these..

I understand Sachin has only played cricket since he came to senses, and we should be grateful he gave all that to cricket, and so it was difficult for him to just walk away. But the way Rahul did it, deserves great attention and even greater respect.

Vikram Sathaye put it nicely once, if Sachin is the mother of (who thinks endlessly for the welfare of and gives everything to)Indian cricket, then Rahul Dravid is the father (who is always there, without worrying about the credit).

Sachin Supporters :-

Long Carrier:


Sachin> Dravid

World Cup Performances:

Winning Last Test Match:

Winning last ODI Match:
Sachin> Dravid

Winning Last T20:
Sachin > Dravid

No. Of world Cups WON:

No.Of man of the Series Won in World Cup:
Sachin> Dravid
Now we will come to Contribution for team:

Sehwag is injured can U open?? Dravid Yes.
Siddu is injured can U open ?? Sachin Yes.
We need extra batsmen Can U do Wicket keeping? Dravid Yes
We need to defend less than 6 runs in last over , can U bowl? Sachin Yes.
Sachin = Dravid

Some people say Dravid would have scored more runs if he would have started carrer at 17, now I want to mention some statistics ( Matched played by Sachin & Dravid together).

                                                           SACHIN                        DRAVID

Avg. during dravid career           56                                   52
Centuries                                             40                                   34  

                        4 BEST BOWLING ATTACK OF THEIR TIME

Vs Australia                                      59                                   40
Vs SA                                                    41                                    34
Vs Sri Lanka                                     59                                   48
Vs Pakistan                                      44                                    55 

In Australia                                     55                                     43
In SA                                                  50                                     29
In Sri Lanka                                   63                                     28  
In Pakistan                                     44                                      78   
                                      IMPORTANT AVERGAES

Away                                                  57                                   52
Under own captaincy                51                                   37
4th match innings                      38                                   36
Won matches                             66                                    65
Draw match                                66                                   66
Lost match                                    39                                    30
Border Gavaskar Trophy      59                                    40

I know Dravid fans will be hurted even am also a fan of Dravid. But truth is true.. my better suggestion to all Fans .. please don't compare any player with Sachin...,, Because sachin is "GOD"

Dravid Supporters:-
Saving the team in 4th innings : No one apart this man did it better in our era, especially overseas. (Laxman did it a few times but, RD delivered when it mattered the most). SRT did an amazing job batting in the top order (1st innings most of the time), also have been a reason for many wins. But RD has been class apart, a major reason for crucial ones.

Pissing of the bowlers : Ask any bowler who is a tougher one to bowl to, the answer would be 'Rahul'. Sachin can blast them all around the field even with a stump in his hand but, Dravid lets go of it in a polite manner even if its an inch away from the off stump. If you are a bowler you would know how frustrating it is to bowl a spell when the batsman is not even thinking to bring his bat into the frame. 

Square drive : Does any other batsman in the history of cricket play the square drive as good as LO'RD' did? Don't go in search of it, you will spend all your time searching. 

Last but not the least,

Sacrifice : All again i don't think some one can witness a soul that is so selfless than of RD in spite providing everything the team demanded. Siddu puts it well "Rahul Dravid is a player who would walk on broken glass if his team asks him to"

To sum up,

"Sachin is the real god of cricket, But when the doors are shut even the GOD is behind the WALL".

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