India: Am I a true Indian if I do not hate Pakistan or Muslims?

Answer :-

Opinion 1:-

You are True Indian, if you 'forgive' Pakistan and Muslims.

If you know or learn these things:
  • How barbaric Islamic invasion was to India
  • How Muslims think they 'civilized' native Indians by abolishing so called rampant 'Sati'
  • How anti are today's Muslim countries towards India during wars
  • How Muslims hate Israel even though it supported India during wars
  • How Pakistan sends terrorists after terrorists to India and shamelessly plays victim card
  • How Muslims eliminated Hindus in Kashmir
  • How Muslims oppose equality of laws in Indian judiciary

Even after knowing these things and you forgive Pakistan and Muslims, you are True Indian.

Opinion 2:-

Don't be fake people 

Admit it .As indians we hate Pakistan and there is good reason for it they are always attacking us ,provoking us , helping training terrorist ,sheltering underworld don's . they are trying their best to harm us why should i not hate them ..every true indian hates Pakistan ...

As for comment on muslims it depends on person but overall i don't like them either (some Muslims have said it to me on face that their real nation is Pakistan and they hate india ,it was a messy situation though) . some leader provoke them against india .(eg. My One muslim friend was very patriotic about india and was willing to join army but while on facebook some dude from kashmir told him all stupid shit and manipulated him against india ,he said indian government harasses muslims there ,hindu army soldiers rapes Muslim women and etc etc ...all lies ..but that friend started hating india ) 

Its all that few brainless leaders manipulate people .

I actually have many Muslim friends. They are all nice people .but overall there is too much hatred filled in Their hearts .

Sad but true .

Opinion 3:-

Well I seriously don't know what u mean by term "True Indian", but I can tell u being Indian does not means to hate Pak or Muslim's, it means to love your country, to have respect towards our law and National anthem. (I always have goose bumps whenever I hear our anthem suddenly) 
  • Being Indian is to have the warm, fuzzy feeling when we see India won medals, or stuff like Mars mission.
  • Being Indian is to enjoy and respect festival, whether it is Eid or Deepawali does not matter.
  • Being Indian is to work for Welfare of country. I would advice instead of having hate for Pak, start using dustbin for our country, or when you see some stranger throwing waste on road ....., you know what to do!
  • Being Indian is to see India on map, and ur heart says I am proud of my country, however it is, I still love my country
  • Being Indian is to have respect for elders and love for young, and have respect for women too (India needs this, more than your hate!)
  • Being Indian is 6 ppl on seat made for 3, and doing some awesome jugaad - crazy stuff ;)
So there is no need to hate Muslim and Pakistan, do ur part for betterment of country, it will be enough to prove that you are Indian. 
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