Has Rahul Gandhi been criticized too much?

One of the key features of a democratic system is to eliminate hierarchical rule. When you come from a the family of a person in power, that is already one strike against you as people will be skeptical as it is rather obvious that you have laid claim over the party ticket of a possibly more deserving member simply due to familial links.

Even so, we are a rather accepting society. If you show even average prowess, people will go easy on you, though ripples will still prevail. However, if you make it a point to rub your ineptitude in our faces day in and day out,as has been done by Mr.Gandhi on several occasions, and expect the people to remain silent and just watch, it is a tall order.

Rahul Gandhi is one of the most popular comic characters in India. Despite being hailed from a royal family which produced three prime ministers to India, which ruled the largest democratic country for about  35+ years, he is still unable to leave his footprints in Indian politics. 

He has been a member of Parliament for past 11 years, graduated from Harward University (?). This experience and education is more than enough for anybody to learn the system but he is still struggling. He is yet unable to know the pulse of people of India. His absurd statements, immatured gestures in assembly prove he is getting what he deserves in social media. 

God, give this man a bit of maturity. 

That's Rahul Gandhi for you.