Why were there protests in JNU for criminal Afzal Guru? Was it right or not?

This picture speaks for itself. This is a picture of the Pakistani Virat Kohli fan who got 10 years' imprisonment for just hoisting the tricolor (Tiranga).

See the difference; here are students of one of the most reputed universities, JNU, using freedom of speech to make anti INDIA remarks and praising Pakistan. They made a terrorist a hero who was convicted by the Supreme Court of India, so these 'intellects' have no respect for Constitution of India, they think they are smarter. I just want to say one line - just repeat this in any other country, they will realize what they have done. The same day when soldier Hanumanthappa was battling for breaths who served  at Siachin, the worlds toughest battle field, they were making a terrorist a hero.

In short here are the events and my view

Event: JNU students gather to question the Hanging of Afzal guru? Is it anti-National?

My View: No It is not anti-national. In a healthy democracy we have rights to question every act of the government. This government is elected by us so we have rights to ask government questions on their decision

Event: Is questioning an act against government?
My View: No, that is our right.
Event: Raising anti-national slogans in the gathering
My View: It is condemnable, and No Indians should support this. Whoever involved in anti-national slogans must be punished by the law
Event: Arrest of Kanahiyya Kumar, Is it correct?
My View: If there are enough proof of him involved in anti national slogans he must be punished as per the law.
But for mere holding the protest against the hanging of Afzal Guru, No it is not correct. He has rights to question government action.
Event: Lawyers taking law in hand in Patiala court and beating Journalist and Kanhaiyya, Is it correct?
My View: It is highly condemnable, No one has right to take law in their hand. It is even more serious because here the Law breakers are the guardians of the Law with complete knowledge about the Law, So no justification is acceptable. Lawyers must be punished for their action.

source :- quora.com