Why do some people look dam classy even in simple cloths. How do I change my dressing sense?

I see some people well dressed all the time. even though they wear simple clothes but they look damn classy. How do I change my dressing sense?

I do used to wonder the same thing till the time I didn't realize what was the difference. Let me help you with that. Some people are blessed with good skin, hair, height etc and that does acts as an extra advantage for them. Anyways that should not stop anybody from looking good or classy. of year would have uploaded you picture 1 would have been have to help you better.
The key to look good is away CONFIDENCE. Unless you are confidence about yourself. You will not be able to bring that out in your  personality.

  1. Figure out what you love wearing and what you are most comfortable in and try to experiment with it. For example, if you like wearing dresses than try different styles like sleeveless, knee length with bold color or the body hugging dresses.
  2. You can try jackets, accessories, bag to give can edge to the Outfit.
  3. The most important feature for any person is their hair and having great hairstyle can bring huge difference in your appearance. I would suggest you to go to some good hairstylist who can help you achieve that. Sometimes these people get too pushy and would like to offer you hair highlights and I would suggest go for it only if you like it.
  4. Use simple makeup like foundation, kajal, lipstick to enhance your looks.
  5. Although simple, they wear clothers suiting their body type and fitting their body type perfectly.
  6. Minimialisation is the secret to looking classy. Most models and actors wear no accessory but an expensive watch when making public appearances.The point is when I wear simple or less number of accessories, whatever I wear gets highlighted and hence I should highlight my best. If I possesses skinny arms, I will show them off by wearing a sleeveless top and jeans.
  7. This may not always be true for all,  but branded clothes provide that exact fit and the perfect classy look.
  8. Not skinny, but being in shape is important for looking nice and feeling healthy+ confident.
  9. Your attitude and a smile are the most important things required for being classy. Confident and non conscious people are great to look at.

source :- quora.com