Why do some Indians justify the killing of Mahatma Gandhi by Godse?

First of all Nathuram Godse wasn't a terrorist. Had he been a terrorist, he would have killed a lot of people in the assembly. But he just killed the Mahatma and surrendered. He could never be called anything more than a political assassin.
Then regarding Hindu Mahasabha celebrating it, no Modi could/can do anything.
India is a democratic country. Here even terrorists are celebrated. Invaders are treated as patriots and butchers are regarded as 'the great'. Names of roads, streets and even cities are on the tyrants and yet Modi cannot do anything.
Remember these events?

Yakub Memon, a stamped terrorist by the court of law was hanged and all people from the area came to celebrate as if he was a martyr.
Abu Qasim, a terrorist shod dead by Indian army was again portrayed as a martyr by a community.)
The government of Karnataka decided to celebrate the anniversary of a fanatic tyrant named Tipu Sultan to disrupt a Hindu festival Diwali on 10th of November. (His anniversary is on 20th November but was celebrated on 10th). His rule was analogous to current day ISIS. I think stats reveal that it was even worse. (read this Tipu Sultan: Attitude towards Hindus and Captivity of Mangalorean Catholics. This had never been done in the past) 
The central government renamed the Aurangzeb Road (Aurangzeb was another tyrant and his rule was again analogous to IS) to Kalam road. Kalam was undoubtedly a true Nationalist Indian. But MLA from Aam Aadmi Party, Asif Muhammad named another road to Aurangzeb road as a protest. You don't find Hitler road in Germany and Aurangzeb was equivalent to him, if not worse but still a road at his name. Yet Modi couldn't do anything.
Thousands of people came to celebrate these so called martyrs and Modi couldn't do anything. Abu Qasim's final rites were followed by riots in Srinagar. This could have even worse effect on the society. And yet Modi couldn't do anything.
Then imagine, a handful of people celebrating Nathuram Godse who don't even have any voice can never make this much impact. They are celebrating peacefully and nobody can touch them, just like discussed in the above 2 cases. You can condemn them by your views (after all it is democracy) but not do anything to them.

source :- quora.com