Why do Pakistani channels claim that Muslims are not treated well in India?

Q:-  I  have many Muslim friends which are in a more good condition than me and  are happy . But if anyone see any Pakistani channel they show that  Muslims in India are not treated well. Why?

A 1:- Okay - firstly - when you say "Pakistani Channels", I think you gereralising. Not all Pakistani channels show Indian Muslims being treated badly - and in fact - most of them either steer clear of controversial issues like these, or simply state that Indian Muslims are happy. 

But like you've correctly pointed out, there are a few channels that show Indian Muslims as being treated badly. There are 2 possible reasons for this portrayal - 

1) They consider India to be their "enemy" much like most Indians consider Pakistan to be the "enemy". It's simple logic that a country stands to please it's viewers by portraying the enemy as evil in a "homogeneous" way.  Why did I use the word "homogeneous" ? Because as hard as it is to admit, there are cases where Indian Muslims have been treated badly and are victims of minority racism  - but these cases are far and fewer these days - and are soon dwindling to a negligible margin - at least in the educated parts of our society. As for me personally- I can stand witness that I have been treated rather well by the country - and the injustices I've faced on a few occasions were not due to religious reasons. 

2) When you try and portray another country as being "cruel" to your own kind, you also subconsciously imbibe within them a sense of patriotism. Considering our past with regards to the partition between India and Pakistan - it's only obvious that Pakistan wants the Muslims there to feel like they made the correct choice by choosing to stick with Pakistan. This culture of imbibing patriotism in the people via negative propaganda is used by most countries today - and is extremely damaging to the mentality of the conman man who believes what he sees on TV without adequate research.

A 2:- The answer lies in 3, simple facts:

1. Pak is a religion (Islam) OBSESSED country. For them, it is the religion FIRST and rest (even peace/harmony/humanity etc.) might follow in any order, AFTER IT ONLY. They like to think about themselves - in terms of the ONLY 'saviours of Islam', and that, they are the authentic 'direct descendants' of the Arabs (muhammad and/or his tribe)! 
Seldom do they even like to believe that they ARE non-Arabs and they BELONG to the Indian subcontinent!

2. Generations if the Pak (since their break-away from India) ARE BRAINWASHED by teaching distorted history and fundamentalist ideas. They are EVEN TAUGHT that it was India which got separated from Pakistan and that, all non-Muslims are 'Kafirs' and enemies of Islam and Muslims!

3. They like to believe that they are BORN Muslims and the 'converted' Muslims lives in India and ANYWHERE else, but, NOT in Pakistan! They EVEN FORCED Urdu - as official Muslim Language in the World!

What else can you expect of such stupid, brain-washed morons?