Why do most Indians dislike Sonakshi Sinha?

I find her to be a fairly good actress with better acting skills than Katrina, yet many people scoff at her. And then there is her weight, the lady has lost a lot of weight and appears perfect and yet people call her worse stuff. I am sorry, but I don't get the reason behind the same.

Answer :-

Opinion 1:-

That is the sad part, isn't it.

Most of the men I know, hate her because of the weight, and of course , the so called big forehead. Isn't that just sad?

She has done some amazing performances, like that in Lootera, but the other movies in her kitty are all South Indian Movie remakes, the typical Akshay Kumar starrers.

She doesn't conform to the standard Bollywood stick figure, which is why she gets this kinda hate. So did Vidya Balan. But she managed to provide hits. Sonakshi is naturally curvy, like an average Indian women. I think that is beautiful.

I think it is very sad that an actress is ridiculed for her body weight, and not her acting skills. Katrina Kaif, well, sucks. She looks really pretty, but acting wise? No way. I recently saw Bang Bang, and from dialogue delivery to acting, nothing at all. Easy for me to say, being an armchair critic, but I think, the rest feel the same way too. I think she has got away because of her beauty, and that is it.

It is high time we shed our prejudices and let women, and people, just be.

And isn't she just beautiful?