Why do beautiful & pretty girls (always here in India) fall for the wrong boys?

Let us have four groups : 

Good Boy : Manmohan (Singh)

Strict parents, emphasis on study , culture, manners, ask parents before doing anything, intelligent (academic), shy, doesnt waste time- "good boy".

Bad Boy: Akshay (Kumar)

Pampered, no discipline/ restrictions, no study so learnt biking, money spent like water, street friends, knows all bad stuff, street smart - "bad boy".

Good girl : Saina (Nehwal)

Mostly, like Manmohan.

Bad girl : Ashwarya (Rai)

Mostly like Akshay.

Now ofcourse these names are only representational. Bear no coincedence to real life ....blah blah. And also these categories are not rigid or binary but chage and work on a continuum scale.

Now 4 scenarios arise:  (Assume 100 of eash type , so 400 ppl. )

A.  Manmohan meets Saina. (100 M & 100 S)

Manmohan - Shy boy cant talk to girls, what will parents think? etc etc. Saina also shy girl. Both like, admire, smile, feel shy and STOP. Both want to get a good job. Lets study first - Boards, JEE, etc. Marriage Papa Arrange karwa denge.

Probability  of relationship (POR) :  5 %. (there are some naughty/desperate guys among "good" ones also!)

Result:  only 'memories' , no relations. 95 Manmohan & 95 Saina remain single.

B. Manmohan meets Ashwarya (95 M meets 100 A)

Manmohan beyond joy. Ash plans what all to buy or what tricks (romantic or sexual) to practice on Manmohan. 

PoR: 30 %  ( Ash needs to manage her budget, bike ride,etc. Manmohan also illusionary 'happy'. some Manmohan are kept reserved as 'Friend-zone' or 'Bhai-Zone'.

Result : Ash exploits Manmohans. 50 Manmohan Heart broken or continue being used by Ash. Manmohan is Ash's servant, taxi driver, dry cleaner cook etc - basically her Dog! Become devdas or comtemplate suicide.Rest 45 listen to such stories - decide they will not have any relation till marriage. 10 Manmohan out of those 45 still not able to make peace- come to Quora and post/answer Q such as this one!

C. Akshay meets Ashwarya (100 Ak &  60 Ash, note 40 Ash stick to 50 Manmohans keeping 10 or more M as 'friends'.)

Now its simple political battle - no physical strength, no women empowerment counts.  no one tries to impress the other- the  more kamina  exploits the less kamina. And sometimes its merely 'friends for benefit' (sexual fun!) 

PoR: 30 %  (birds of a feather flock together, ultimately a dog likes a bitch and vice versa so 30 % chances) 

Result: Both have fun, outside their marriage/relation, try new 'stuff'- BDSM etc. (its like two psychopaths having each others back!)

D.Akshay meets Sania. (80 A & 95 S ; 80 Akshay because some do double time! )

He is street smart, knows how to charm (fool) the Sanias, has money to buy gift, he knows and says exactly what a girl wants to hear , he is her prince who will take her away from their world/ problems (from civilised to animal in reality!). While Manmohan practiced maths , Akshay was practicing flirting on the streets, building 'muscles' / 'cuts' in gym and mastered porn. His parents also dont object but gift condom packs & beer allowance to  him to 'enjoy' life. (Beacause they did so when they were young- dudes- ; btw Akshay and Ashwarya produces children like Akshay and Ashwarya and same for Manmohan and Saina!) 

So now Saina feels 'she is a princess' while basically she  is (pardon my language) - Akshay's bitch!

And sometimes its just that girls have 'heat' (desperate due to periods or peer pressure or want to try 'naughty stuff'/ fifty shades.) and they fall for anyone who approaches. Anyone!

PoR:  70%  (well 80 Ak enjoy- rest 20 are being 'tamed' by those ultra kutti 20 Ash. Out of these 80 Akshy some have one Ash & one Saina or more - so number miss match. ) Akshay dont let Sainas go easily as its 'free fun'.

Result : 40 Sainas heart broken come back to Manmohans (emotionally damaged). Some continue with Akshay despite abuse. Rest become feminist or something. 


Virgin Manmohans meet virgin Sainas and live happily ever after (ok, with some fighting. Happy?)

Damaged Manmohans ang damaged Sainas get married but life is not smooth due to 'past'.

Some Manmohans and Sainas remain in Ashwarya or Akshay' s claws - doomed to be un- happy, exploited and tormented for life.

Other Akshays and Ashwaryas - fuck up each others' lives and.... Well who gives a shit.


1. Manmohans please dont be Shy and approach girls. (Dont be like the lazy tiger that complains- why do hyenas get all the good meat!?)

2. Sainas plz  use your brains. Dont shoot down shy Manmohans (they will be better choice in the long run.) And ... please use your Brains.(yes twice!)

3. Ash and Akshay - fuck each others lives and wait for your karma to join you in your threesome!


PS:  so the answer to Q -" why good girls fall for bad guys? " - is in Case D. Please follow the numbers for better insight.

In short a hindi quote sums it well though-
" jab dil aaya gadhi par, to paree kya cheez hai".
(when a donkey is your taste, even angels won't attract you! )