Why did Anushka Sharma break up with Virat Kohli?

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1) Anushka Sharma-Virat Kohli split: 5 reasons why the love birds must have parted ways
Ever since the news of Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli’s split cropped up, the B-town wants to know the possible reason behind their break-up. While numerous stories behind the so-much-in-love couple’s break-up are making rounds of news, the couple has maintained silence over the issue all together.
News has it that Salman Khan was the main reason behind the rift between the two. Some even stated that Virat wanted to take his relationship forward and Anushka wanted to focus on her career. While the list of possible reasons that resulted in their split is endless, we list you some causes of their break-up:(ALSO READ: Here’s how Sultan Salman Khan chose to stay out of Anushka Sharma-Virat Kohli split saga)

1. Dominating nature:
We hear that Virat loves to dominate over his lady love. Time and again, the cricketer has imposed his decisions on the bollywood actress. While Anushka always lovingly obliged to his demands, her patience limits were finally surpassed when Virat asked her to slow down on her career and take cooking lessons. The sportsman was apparently keen to get married and wanted Anushka to take tips on how to run a house. The NH10 star, then decided to finally put and to the whole drama and walk out of the relationship.
2. Rejection:
Since both Virat and Anushka had openly talked about their relationship to the media, the former wanted to take it to next level. But it came out that Anushka had no such plans. In fact, she wanted to focus on her flourishing career at the moment. This irked the cricketer and he decided to call it a quit. (ALSO READ: OMG!! Is Sultan Salman Khan responsible for Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli’s split?)
3. Desperation to work with Salman:
Report states that Anushka and Virat had decided to spend most of 2016 with each other. Hence she promised to not take much projects this year. However, she was offered Salman Khan’s Sultan, after the makers couldn’t finalize a perfect leading lady for the film. Anushka was so enticed with the offer that she couldn’t let it go. She immediately gave her nod for the project without even consulting her man. Her impulsive decision spoiled their holiday plans and thus resulting the break-up.
4. Busy careers:
Being from different career backgrounds, Anushka and Virat ended up with very little time together. Virat is usually busy with tournaments and the bollywood actress has a lot of projects lined up for release. Moreover, she has launched her production house too. It turns out that the leggy lass is barely free to spend some lovely time with her man during his off time. Salman Khan’s Sultan only added up to their woes as Anushka needed to take special training sessions to prep up for her role in the film.
5. Produce films but don’t act in them:
With Anushka Sharma’s decision to launch her production house Clean Slate Films, Virat thought that his lady would shift her attention from acting to production. However, this didn’t happen. Anushka was still keen on signing films and also decided to act in her home production as well. (ALSO READ: Anushka Sharma’s next production Phillauri to be packed with fun and humour)
Now, the latest buzz is that Virat is repenting over his mistake and is keen to reconcile with the P.K actress. He is in constant touch with Anushka’s brother, who is said to be helping him patch up with the actress. Do you think, Anushka and Virat will leave behind all the differences and come back together for a new start?

2) I am not the right person to give you the correct answer.
But I can guess what could be the reason!
Both are celebrities and both are at its peak.
It is very common that ego will arise!
We have seen again and again that 2 celebrities who are at its best hardly continue their relation for longer duration.
Its very common, in fact we see this in our daily life too. if any wife is earning more than husband most of the times either husband will feel discomfort or someone else make him to think of it. It may not be the case everywhere but most of Indians you can find it.
Here I am not telling she is earning more than him, but the fact is she has achieved something in her carrier at her short age definitely she would love to achieve more than what she has done.
similarly Kohli, the sensation star of Indian cricket team no need to tel about his achievements.
This is one of those cases where ego wins over love!
Hope they will reunite in future because they make a perfect couple, I would love to see them together. 

3)Once Virat-Ansuhka and Ranbir-Katrina met and argued over who is the most happening celebrity couple these days and they conducted a poll...
And the result was a Tie!!
Both couples broke up in disgust :P
Dear,dont waste your time in nonsense things.....and do something constructive..

4) Does that really matter?? Why can't people mind on their own business rather than kohli anushka break up. They are matured people and know what's best for them. The answer for why is not going help us grow as human. Neither will it earn us bread.

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