Which is the most expensive food in India?


How about a Rs. 5000 ($75) mouth freshener ?

The couples Paan at Tara Pan Center, Aurangabad costs Rs.5000 a piece. It is a after-food mouth freshener. It contains some ingredients which cost around 700000/Kg ($10500), a generous pinch of finest saffron which costs around Rs. 350000/Kg ($5250), finest betel leaves from Calcutta and a whole lot of Paan chutneys and flavors.
(For representation only, Source: Google Images)

Not impressed?

How about Rs. 6000 ($100) for a portion of 'Butter Chicken'? This special butter chicken recipe apparently took 8 years to make. Black olives and coriander garnish this expensive dish which is made using Evian natural spring water, Hunt’s tomato paste, Filippo Berio olive oil, Godrej chicken and a pack of the Danish Lurpak unsalted butter. It is packed in a Borosil glass container so that the flavor of the dish is contained.

Or, a Rs. 7000 ($110) Lobster Rissoto at NRV Fine dine, Goa.

Or, Samundari Kazana Curry for Rs. 200000?
There is so much exoticism in this dish, we wonder if humans should even eat it! Ok here is a peek; the dish contains devon crab, white truffle, lobsters coated in gold, abalones, quail eggs and beluga caviar in gold leaf. It is served in this Indian restaurant located in London. You think you can handle it!?

Or all those Dominos', KFCs, Pizza Huts, Starbucks, CCDs, BurgerKings, Mc Donalds, Taco bells and Subways? I'm not counting the Pepsi-Popcorn-Samosa-Waterbottle combos of PVRs and INOXes worth Rs.799