What's the dark side of marriage?

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Opinion 1:-

The dark side of marriage is adjustments (especially in Indian societies ) To be honest let me cite an example of my maid who was born in a poor family which had technically no source of income. However she was blessed with above average intelligence Her father made her study till class 8, as education is free for girls till age 14).Despite she wanted to study more she was forced to marry a man twice her age. The man post marriage subjected her to brutal mental torture and violence. Moreover he was a alcoholic and earned nothing and desperately forced her to conceive 4 kids.Today even after 20 years of marriage she is still a victim of domestic violence and she works in 20 flats from morning 6 to evening 7. She is the sole earning member of family who struggles to earn livelihood for her kids.This  is dark side of marriage that forces woman to tolerate male dominance.

When I personally asked her why doesn't she file a divorce she fears that society would torment her post divorce. This is condition of most of  woman who dwell in slums. But can they oppose the institution of marriage, they fear our society, they fear the upbringing of their kids. 
This is dark side of marriage in Indian societies. Most of marriages after a period of time are devoid of love, attraction and are filled with sufferings.Marriage for such woman becomes a vicious cycle of torture and sufferings.

Opinion 2:-

Let's say you fall in love with someone and s/he falls in love with you. You have a wonderful, fulfilling, fantastic marriage, whatever that means to you.
One day, s/he will die or you will die, and the other will be left alone and grieving.
All human connection comes with the certainty that it will end. That's the dark side, and why human connection means so much to us.

Opinion 3:-

  1. A known monster is better than an unknown one.
Referring to Indian context of marriage, arrange marriage is indeed skewed. Yes, I know it has the highest success rate but I often wonder at 'what price?'
When you do hit the "age" you are forced by your parents to look at numerous photos and choose which one you like best. And then various factors for compatibility is matched ( physical attributes, horoscope, family, socio economic and education background etc) Only then are you allowed to speak to the boy/girl. In fact, in some cultures you aren't allowed to get to know the person completely to whom  you are about to wed. It's almost like you are marrying a stranger.
I don't know how this is acceptable to parents. I mean, I know you have done all your"background checks", but it's also a possibility that you may have missed a few. I have no idea how parents don't freak out on the possibility and think "What if we were wrong? What if we over looked something? What if we all get duped?" It's sad to see their blind conviction that somehow everything will fall in place.
And even more depressing fact is it's always the girls responsibility to maintain the bonds of marriage. Why? Because, its ingrained in Indian society that men are not capable of taking charge of the emotional burden of marriage. So, it's okay for men to act wayward. (This is not a sexist rant. This is how I have been conditioned at home too...I have heard numerous lectures by my relatives on how it's the girl's responsibility to keep the marriage afloat, albeit all the compromises that involve. Hence, this is my perspective, really. And I don't believe in it.)
Having said that I really want to urge Indian parents to let the potential bride and groom spend ample amount of time with each other before they accept each other in their lives.
2. Sharing. Your space, time, effort, body and life.
Now this can be quite discerning. Once you get married a lot of things change. Inevitably, you find that person (your better half) constantly around you. They are always there. They take up half your space, your bed, your room and it can feel a little stifling. The freedom and privacy that you once enjoyed is gone and there can be times when you crave for that privacy and solitude.
And most men/ women don't voice this out in the cue that they might hurt their partners sentiments. Although some people in love would like to be around that person ALL the time...but it wears off over time. I have seen that happen with so many marriages and they reach that "this is boring" phase.
As much as it is important to spend time with each other, it's important to give each other some space to spread around a little bit! It's good to get away from each other only to find a way back to each other!
Having said that sharing is good. But so is holding a few things back and doling it out slowly.
source :- quora.com