What should Pakistan do to get Kashmir back?

I am going to answer this in an extremely unbiased manner.
Disclaimer : I am a jingoistic person and its very hard for me but I will try.
What should Pakistan do to get Kashmir?
The basic essence that binds Pakistan together is the Islamic ideology. If one can get rid of that, Pakistan will disintegrate into 4 countries within a couple of years.

Pakistan controls NWFP, which is dominated by Pathans and has no connection with the elite Punjabis of the ruling establishment. Pakistan controls Baluchistan which was never meant to be a part of Pakistan and it was a princely state before partition and wanted to remain one after. Pakistan forcefully captured it. Sindh is dominated by Mojahirs and has a sizeable Hindu population. Sindh, if independent could easily become the next economic powerhouse in this region, given the oil assets around Sir Creek + business acumen of Sindhis.
Hence, Pakistan wants Kashmir. Because its Muslim dominated ( It has ethnically cleaned it already, since 1947, Hindu women were raped and tortured. Hundreds of Hindu women were taken to Rawalpindi brothels and about 400 women jumped into a well to prevent the atrocities, Hindu men were beaten and limbs were cut with chainsaws, good going Pakistan!)
Next, Pakistan will say, we want Bengal ( There is a separate ISI plot to create a greater Bangladesh though).
What can Pakistan do to get Kashmir back?
1. War. Pakistan will be blown to pieces. I can support this by facts. Pakistan Navy is in shambles, has only 4 upgraded frigates. Rest all is rusted junk. Airforce has flying targets called JF-17, which are such pathetic birds, their maker has refused to buy them. No of airforce jets/helis destroyed in the current Zarb-e-Arb operation has proven their flying skills. Indian Mig-21 Bisons can take care of them. Only their F-16s are worth mentioning, but then, we got the Su-30 MKI == SU- 35. Pak Army has old tanks, low ammunition, and low morale. Approx 10000 men have been killed by Taliban and its allies. Easy targets for Indian forces.
2. Force Indian government to conduct plebiscite. With Modi as PM, sure, better ask India to give up the Gujarat Model instead.
3. Terrorism : Tried and tested. successful? No. Could have been. Our great PM Gujral in 1997 eradicated all our deep assets, and Kargil happened in 1999. Kargil could have been successful but curses at that goat herder! ( Plebiscite..??). With centres like Papa-2 still active in Kashmir, you are welcome to send in your boys, to be ripped apart, finger by finger.
The only option left is to develop your own country, and make it better than India. Gain international importance, pressure India diplomatically and hold a plebiscite( and accept the result aaram se). So make a Sindhi your PM next time and not a Punjabi.
Doodh mangoge kheer denge, Kashmir mangoge...cheer denge.

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