What is the salary of Sundar Pichai (CEO, Google)?

Here is the truth.  We don't know (at least, for now).

The only place that a publicly-traded company will disclose the compensation it pays to executives is in their proxy statement (Form DEF 14A), filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.  Among other things, it lists the compensation of the CEO, CFO and the three other most highly compensated executive officers for the current and past two fiscal years.

In 2014, Mr. Pichai was not one of those five people.  Here's the proof.

Take a good look at the salary column in the table below.  The highest base you'll see is $1.2 million.  It is safe to say that the $50 million salary being quoted in other answers on this page (including the collapsed answers) is ridiculous and a bunch of BS.

Source:  GOOGLE INC. - DEF 14A

I recommend not placing too much reliance on or giving too much credibility to an article that says, "salary...is said to be $50 million....<snip>."  Said by whom?  The guy selling hot dogs on the corner?  Sheesh.

Aside from Mr. Pichai, there is probably only a small handful of people in the world that know the answer to your question.  They all sit on the board of directors of Google, Inc. and will never speak publicly about what goes on in the board room.

Mr. Pichai's compensation will be made a matter of public record on or around April 23, 2016, when the company files its Proxy Statement for 2015.  We might know his salary and/or bonus arrangement before that time (which will exclude the future value of any stock-based compensation), should the company decide to file his employment agreement as an exhibit to a future 10-Q or 10-K filing.

Also worth noting (based on numerous comment below) is that salary (which is what this question is explicitly asking about) should not be confused with total compensation.  There is an important distinction.  Total compensation includes salary, bonus, stock-based compensation and other perquisites.

Finally, at this writing, Larry Page is the CEO of Google.  Mr. Pichai's appointment to CEO will not take place until the Alphabet merger has been completed.  They announced 'plans' for the merger only days ago.

source :- quora.com