What is it to have a hot Indian wife when you are an average looking guy?

I have the most good looking & popular girl in my college as my wife.
It was an arrange marriage though we knew each other well before.
Here is my experience:
1) You will get habitual to the fact that your wife will attract disproportionately high attention than you in any event just because of her beauty.
2) Men will get attracted to beauty and Women will feel jealous of her for the same. You need to just live with that.

3) You will need to be outrageously successful in your profession to justify yourself of this beautiful wife. That will put tremendous pressure on you as you don't want to be seen as "Langur ke muh me angur" (Grapes in hands of Fool).
4) You can lead a comfortable life if you can do one of the two things: Don't give a damn; OR Yourself be a magnetic personality to garner enough attention to balance that of your better half.
5) Contrary to popular belief, Sex life will not be affected a bit and it will just be normal and not always awesome.
6) You will need confidence and your confidence will reflect on her. Inferiority complex from your end will kill the relationship.
7) You can have a realistically high expectation of beautiful children. A 50-50 chance is not bad after all.
8) If your wife is a modern beauty kind of, then you will also have to possess basic dressing sense to match-up. I came to know of Quick Suggestions option in online store neotonn which suggests shirts to men based on entering Skin Color, Body Shape & Height. Apart from the fact that their marketing in Quora is annoying, I do use it.
All in all, its a mixed bag.
"Jiski biwi khubsoorat, Uska bhi bada naam hai"
(Whose wife is beautiful also is very popular)
source :- quora.com