What is the best response to "I love you"?

Answer (True Stories) :-

Story 1:-

I hate you!

There was a girl who used to be class topper in my school. I had joined the school in 8th std. with her. Back then I was disbeliever of love. She was topper so I always seek help from her. I was average student. Soon we became good friend. We used to spend most of the time together. I do not remember when our friendship turned into love. I never missed a single class, I always reach before time to spend more time with her.

I can't imagine how fast those three years of  high school(8th, 9th & 10th) passed. We appeared in our 10th board examinations. The night before the last paper of board examination I was worry that I can't see her day after tomorrow. I was worry how can I pass my days without seeing her. I was worry how will night pass without hope to see her in the morning. Then only I realized I am in love.

After writing my board examination paper I came out before time to see her. For my surprise she was already waiting for me. After enquiring about her paper, I thought today I will propose to her. My heart was thumping.

Me: We were good friends, I have spent some memorable time with you. I do not know when my friendship turned into love. Yesterday night only, I realized that I love you. I can't pass my days without seeing you. I can't wait for the morning without hope to see you again. I love you!

She: I hate You! You know how miserably I spent those three years with a hope that one day you will also fall in love with me. How beautiful would be those three years if you had said this before.

Me: I would have proposed you earlier but I never dreamt that I will get love in return from an angel. You know, Angels are imaginary. Why did not you propose to me?

She: I have tried many times to propose you but you always diverted our conversation. I thought you do not have any feeling for me & I did not want to spoil our friendship. I do not want to miss any more moments I love you more than anybody loved anyone!(crying)

Then we hugged & cried like a child.

Story 2:-

We both were classmates in 9 & 10 class in a boarding school & were best of friends since then. Gradually, I realised my feelings for him (to be precise after joining college). We used to talk a lot about anything & everything. I never confessed my feelings as I was always afraid of losing my best friend ever.
After class 10 (that is 5 big years), I had not seen him & a reunion was badly needed. We decided to meet at my place & on November 30, we (me, he, & a common friend) met & had a great happening day! :)

That day was truly unforgettable. I tried noticing every tiny details...

From here I saw a guy with smoky eyes, long hair, pretty tall, dusky complexion, thin, innocent face & smiling like an idiot. He was the one who speaks less and listens more ; thinks less and loves more, and says less and observes more. And then I realised I was staring at him from a long time.. :D And that day I realised how badly I needed him.

And one fine day this happened...

I was in my college & was playing truth & dare with my group. Everyone chance came but not mine & at last it was me...
Friends: Truth or Dare?
Me: Dare (God knows what came on my mind, I'm not that daring! :P )
Friends: Call him. And say that you love him.
I was in deep shock. All 10 of them were staring like, it's a dare, you can't run away. I had no option left. Gathering all my courage, I dialled his number. He was at home. It was 11:05 pm & the phone went on speakers. Damn! :/

And finally the phone conversation...

He: Hello!
Me: hey! What are you doing?
He: Nothing much. How come you called so late? All well?
Me: Yes, just need to talk something important.
He: Yes, tell.
*half a minute pause*
He: You there?
Me: Umm.. yes! Actually, I consider you more than best friends.
He: OK
(just okay? Hell.. :/ )
Me: I wanted to say.. I LOVE YOU!!
*one minute pause*
He: Yeh kya keh diya tune? (What did you just say?)
Me: Just reply me of that. Tell me your true feelings.
He: Arey yarr...
Me: Tell me..
(This gap was killing me)
He: I love you too...

*Phone cut*
*Celebrations started in background, all started dancing*

I was dumbstruck.
Suddenly, my cellphone rang. I picked up the call & went out of the partying zone area.
I later confessed the truth & dare game story. And he later confessed that he loved me since class 9. For him, it was love at first sight. :)
He also added, he like 3 types of girls..
Girls who look chinese, with an emo look :P
Girls who're short. (I'm 5'2")
Girls who wear spectacles.
And you're package of all three. :D

He's not perfect but I love his imperfections! <3

P.S. Am more daring than him at least. ;) I always tease him with this... :)


Story 3:-

She was my crush(love at first sight) for 3 long years, and I just couldn't muster up the courage to propose to her. Everyday I thought I would propose to her, but it just didn't happen, until one day she sent me a text which read:
She: If you're supposed to give me a birthday gift, what would be:
1. Card - You're my best friend
2. Cake - You're my brother
3. Cup - You care for me
4. Teddy - You love me
5. Dress - You like me
Me: Teddy
I was utterly surprised! Did she get angry? Oh God please! I was confused. The caps font further added to my confusion. I just couldn't find a reply for her, when she called me...
She (seriously): Do you love me?
Me ( in very low voice): Um, yes!
She: What!
Me: Yes, I love you!
*silence for almost half a minute*
She (laughing): I was checking your confidence, you jerk! I love you too!

Since then, I have given her teddies on her birthdays.
Before I went for my recent job interview, she said: No matter what! Don't try to flunk the interview just like you would've done while proposing to me!

Story 4:-

If I am not wrong it was just in the starting days of my 7th grade , there was a new admission to my class , news spread like forest fire that a pretty girl has just landed in 7th B. Trust me she was the favorite of every teacher and crush of every other guy in the school, her voice , pony tail, smile, walking style everything was "The Best" .

Guess what ,she moved next to my house and eventually I came to know that her father is going to work under my father.

Time for "Adrenaline Rush".

Without thinking for a while I got mentally fixed , she is going to be my wife, we will be having a fancy wedding etc etc ( At the age of 12 ).

From Std 7 to Std 9, in spite of being in the same class & neighbours  to each other , I hardly had any conversation with her. I tried several times but my poor guts were not enough to make that happen.

In Std 9, her father got transferred ,before leaving school, she asked each Tom Dick and Harry in our class to fill her Slam Book but not me. I was crying deep inside and was back to normal on the same day itself.


But, 8 years later I found her again on Facebook !

I sent her a request.

She accepted my friend request.

I texted her first " Hey hii , hope  you remember me ?"

She replied "How can i forget you?"

Before I can reply her back she gave me her no, 90xxxxxx59.

I was dumbstruck what to do with that.
I replied her " Thank you".

She replied " Call me now, no matter what "

It was going to tick 11.00 p.m, next day I had my pre-final year project evaluation but still called her with lots of guts because it was more important for me at that moment.

The moment she lift the phone and said " Is this Pawan?"

Again same charming voice, felt like to hold her tightly.

When I asked her " Kaise ho" ( How are you)?

She said " Ab mere se ek minute bhi aur intezaar nahin hota" ( I can't even wait for a minute )

I asked her "  kiska intezaarrrrr , theek se batao " ( WAIT for what ?, Tell me more clearly ).

She said propose me now , right now .

I was floating over Clouds and pretended like " Sorry , didn't get you"  ( Men will be men )

She replied , "Idiot , I know that you liked me ever since you saw me for the first time."

Every single time you turned back to pick / borrow /  your pen etc or any stupid excuse, I always found some chamak (shine) in your eyes. So do my heart missed a beat.

Every single time you saw me speaking to some other guy seriously felt like giving you a fire extinguisher.

Every single time I laughed deep inside all alone, when you used to shout some cliche jokes or do some " heroic stuff " just to impress me.

Every single time some other girl tried to get more closer than she is supposed to be , I made my best effort to stop that witch. ( Yes she referred them as 'witch' )
"Like this way she kept on telling some number of " Every single time".

Finally concluded her point by saying , " I was so angry on you, it was more than 2 years , why the hell is he not talking to me at least when I am leaving school, thats why I didn't gave you to fill my Slam Book . But I missed you every single time whenever I opened that slam book"

I said " I am sorry for that"

She said," you idiot don't say  I am sorry,"

"Say something else "

Again me pretending "what": ? ( Men will be Men )

She said " I love you"

I said " I too love you "

No she said" You should say  I love you first".

Again me (laughingly) said her ,  " Yes I know , you said me I love first "

She got irritated  and said " You are still the same"

I said " Even you "

Finally she said " Please Pawanuuu , Ek baar bolo na," ( In a pampering voice she asked tell me once )

 { // Women know pretty well , how to melt men \\}

I said " I love you"

She said " Thank God, Great Things happen over Facebook  "

source :- quora.com