What is the best etiquette for spending the first night after Shaadi ceremony?

The conversation, before going to bed, the first conversation for an arranged marriage. How much casual is too casual? Approach to consummating the marriage?

Answer :-

Opinion 1:-

There is no real etiquette for the wedding night, except for being considerate to your spouse! Don't feel pressured to have sex on your wedding night. You might be exhausted and irritated so its perfectly okay to snuggle up to your new spouse and just go to sleep.
Just remember that even the other person is going to be pretty clueless about how to approach sex with someone they are now married to! Even if they have had sex before, the entire expeirence will be very novel for them also. They are excited to be with you and wont exactly care about etiquette or witty conversation!

If you haven't already spoken to your gynaecologist about birth control, please do so right now as there is no need to wait till you are married. Don't assume that you guys will get to it eventually. I can think of at least two friends who got pregnant before they even had a chance to explore birth control! A baby is a big responsibility after all, so you guys should have a chance to discuss it before you jump in. Your doctor will probably recommend an IUD or pills, both of which are good options. 
On the night itself, its a good idea to take a quick shower as you might be sweaty and covered in makeup from the wedding. Many people feel a bit embarassed about undressing under a bright light so maybe, just keep only the bedside light on a side light so everyone feels comfortable. After that, just go with the flow. If at any point you feel pain or discomfort, say something. Don't stay quiet. If you like something your partner is doing, it's okay to ask them to keep doing that some more.
After you've had sex, remember to go use the toilet and pee and drink lots of water. Many women catch UTIs after their first sexual encounters.

Opinion 2:-

I am a very conservative person, but I don't feel that the notion of a marriage and consummation on the same date is a good idea.

Don't go with the established stereotypical expectations. Spend your time knowing your spouse, become friends, and let things happen at the right time. There is a lot of fun to be had, without being intimate.

Sometime there can be pressure from friends or expectation (to procreate) from family. Learn to stand up to those in a good manner, but stick to your independence in this most private of matters.

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