What a groom should do before first night?

Well I'm not experienced, but I'd still give it a shot. So here's the answer. A groom should do following things before the first night:

1. Make sure he's clean, and has trimmed his hair at the right places. His nails should be trimmed as well.
2. He should have a gift for his wife, something she'd really love. 
3. He should try to divert his mind from sex.

4. He should not force his wife for sex. He can make a move or two, but if she denies his advances, he should stop. Forcing her for sex would be considered marital rape, which is a criminal offence.
5. Rather than sex, he should try to make the girl comfortable with him.

P.S. Do not disclose the details of it to your friends later. Such moments are meant for you and you only.