What do I do to become an actor in Bollywood?

Qustion :-I am from Ahmedabad. And i want to become an actor in Bollywood. What I need to do?!

Answer :-

Way 1.
You want to become an actor for the fame and money
You become a model. And for that you need immense patience as you would have to wait for hours everyday outside modelling agencies. If luck favors you then you get hired by a decent agency.
Then you stick with it as long as you can. You try to befriend as many people as you can. You hope that they invite you to their parties, to which some Bollywood stars hopefully come.
Again if luck favors you get a role in a Hindi soap. You go ahead and grab the role to have some experience in acting. If you get invited to reality shows then again you go. An opportunity to dance in a competition should never be missed.
Then you begin auditioning, whenever there is one. Sorry for repeating this word, "Again" if luck favors you get a role and enter into Bollywood.

Way 2.
You really love acting and the role does not matter to you. So you join some acting school and audition for plays. You try to do plays and improve yourself everyday. Then you try regional films after gathering a significant reputation. Then you can audition for Bollywood.
Sushant Singh Rajput went from small screen to big screen. He was a play actor and a backup dancer initially. 

Way 3.
You are really rich and influential.
You can get yourself invited to high profile parties. Befriend producers, casting directors, film makers, and actors. Tell them you want to act. In due time you might get yourself a movie role.
Ranveer Singh is a relative of Sonam Kapoor, he met Shanoo Sharma at a party, who recommended him later for his breakthrough movie.