What are top 50 tricks of life that every one should follow everyday to make life easier?

Version 1:-

  1. Get up early in the morning and go to bed early. Don't go back to sleep if you wake up before your alarm.
  2. Have a heavy breakfast
  3. Eat healthy, drink healthy
  4. A big NO to addictions
  5. Exercise daily
  6. Set your priorities and schedule your work ahead of time. Make sure you do it in time too.
  7. Don't hold grudges against anyone. Forgive where you can.
  8. Try not to form biased opinions about anyone
  9. Your close ones are the best gift you have. Take good care of them.
  10. Listen more
  11. Speak only when it's most fruitful
  12. Control your anger. People are least themselves when they are angry.
  13. Say good things about people. If you don't have any good to say about someone, stay silent.
  14. Practice proper cleanliness and hygiene
  15. You are in control of your mood. Don't depend on anyone else to brighten you up.
  16. Be goal oriented through your life
  17. Keep a positive attitude
  18. Be open to criticism
  19. Give the best in whatever you do
  20. Learn from the mistakes of the past, forget bad memories, and press on to greater achievements.
  21. Nurture your hobbies and maintain recreational activities which will sharpen your life skills
  22. When someone trusts you, prove yourself worthy of it
  23. Maintain respect for people regardless of how you are treated by others
  24. Focus on those few people that really care for you than trying to impress those who make you feel depleted
  25. Stay in the company of those having a great character and morals and avoid bad influences
  26. Look for the good in everyone, and make them feel worthwhile
  27. Be as enthusiastic about the success of others as you are about your own
  28. Whenever you help someone make sure to not expect anything in return
  29. Share as long as it's not a threat to anyone. Abstain from over-sharing.
  30. Use humor sensibly
  31. Live in the present moment
  32. Don't take life way too seriously
  33. Stop tying to control everything
  34. Compliment yourself
  35. Say sorry when you know you should
  36. Make constructive use of your commute time
  37. Get a mentor and seek his counsel when the going gets tough
  38. Read good books and watch good movies (if doubtful check the IMDB list)
  39. Don't abuse resources. Save water, electricity, time, money - whatever and whenever you can.
  40. Eat only as much as you can
  41. When in doubt take a dump
  42. Save an empty jar and "fill it with notes of good things that happen" this year. Then, next year, you can empty the jar and "see what awesome stuff happened that year."
  43. When writing an email, leave the recipient email field blank until you're ready to send it. This prevents accidental emails. Also additionally, you can delay your outgoing emails by a minute to avoid sending out emails that haven't been proofread or don't have the attached documents.
  44. Wait a few months before sharing a lifestyle change
  45. Stay updated with the news
  46. To remove tourists from photos, place your camera on a tripod, snap 15 photos every 10 seconds, open them up in Photoshop, and pick File >Scripts > Statistics, and choose Median.
  47. Get the WiFi passwords at various places by checking the comments section of their FourSquare accounts.
  48. Carry a box and a bin with you as you clean. A bin can be a trash bag or any other container. Stuff things to be trashed in the bin and things that belong in another room in the box. As you move from room to room, put the items from the box back in their rightful places.
  49. Instead of crossing words out with lines, cross them out with letters, so they won't be legible.
  50. Video-Game Soundtracks make great work music

Version 2:-

#1. Do work that pushes you to your edges.
#2. Waste zero time on the past.
#3. Focus on being masterful at one thing versus. mediocre at many things.
#4. Spend more time around art.
#5. Read biographies of lives greatly lived.
#6. 20X your goals, plans and dreams.
#7. Associate with game-changers, visionaries and titans.
#8. Celebrate how far you’ve come versus the distance still to go.
#9. Cause a little trouble by disrupting the status quo.
#10. Accept the project you fear the most.
#11. Leave an inspirational quote on a stranger’s windshield.
#12. Stop watching the news.
#13. Think a decade ahead rather than a day in advance.
#14. Start a movement.
#15. Wow a customer.
#16. Install a new habit.
#17. Remember that the mother of genius is simplicity.
#18. Know that the thing that is easiest to do is rarely the thing that is best to do.
#19. Speak less and listen better.
#20. Do a dream collage with images of your ideal moments .
#21. Record your ideal day in your journal.
#22. Forgive someone.
#23. Thank someone.
#24. Don’t confuse money with meaning nor income with impact.
#25. Spend the first 20 minutes of your day in exercise (it seriously optimizes brain and personal  performance).
#26. Do your “Nightly 3″, writing 3 good things that happened to you during the day that’s ending.
#27. Speak your truth even when your voice shakes.
#28. Join Traffic University and leverage time commuting to learn and grow via audio programs.
#29. Visit a new city.
#30. Discover a new restaurant.
#31. Get good at being alone (you’re the only person you’ll be with your entire life so why not become comfortable in your own skin).
#32. See your work as your craft .
#33. Watch the movie “Searching for Sugar Man”.
#34. Do meetings standing up so they end quicker.
#35. Stop using the words “can’t”, “impossible” and “hate”.
#36. Practice harder (mastery isn’t a natural gift, it’s a daily devotion).
#37. Write handwritten thank you notes.
 a book.
#39. Thank a mentor.
#40. Call your parents.
#41. Get out of the office and go invest in your personal development .
#42. Stop complaining.
#43. Use social media to uplift, encourage, teach and share.
#44. Less TV. More reading.
#45. Join a mastermind group.
#46. Spend the first 90 minutes of the next 90 days focused on your single largest opportunity.
#47. Remember that for every one masterpiece, Picasso painted 1000 paintings.
#48. Don’t listen to naysayers.
#49. Live like you mean it
#50.  Do follow all above points

Version:- 3

  1. Wake up early morning, join both hands look at them rub on your face remembering the God ( top middle and lower parts of palms are believed to represent brahmma,Vishnu,shiv)
  2. Kiss forehead of your partner thanking him for being part of your life.
  3. Touch feet of elders
  4. Prepare tea for family of possible
  5. Water the plants of your house.
  6. Help family preparing breakfast, in the mean time can play soft music. Preferably bhajans
  7. Eat food with love
  8. Read newspaper, watch news.
  9. Leave for office 15 minutes prior to actual time
  10. Greet the security guard,neighbours,cleaners,workers with smile.
  11. Reach office before time, welcome and greet everyone.
  12. Check pending work of previous day.
  13. Priorities the work.
  14. Keep space for sudden jobs, discussions.
  15. Keep eye contact while addressing someone, give him full attention, avoid using cell phones amid discussions.
  16. Listen to boss calmly, even if he is wrong and reply with logic
  17. Identify the best resources of your team and help grooming the weak .
  18. Be a leader of the team not manager, leaders olways get willing cooperation from all.
  19. Eat your lunch on time, no matter how important your work is.
  20. Share your food with maximum possible people around.
  21. Wrap up things on time before going home, can have some healthy discussions  with colleagues.
  22. Buy your life partner something to eat in your return to home, can be done on alternate days.
  23. Wash hands feet and face, get fresh, have juice take rest.
  24. Go for walk and exercise with partner/family or friends.
  25. Spare some time to visit nearby malls,markets, parks.
  26. Ask each other's choice for food.
  27. Help your partner preparing food.
  28. Eat food on time with love, help your partner cleaning up.
  29. Watch news,sports,drama whatever you like.
  30. Discuss about your day with your partner.
  31. Hug your partner make love before you go to sleep.
  32. Take a healthy sleep.
  33. Follow the points 1 to 32 for next days.
Now certain things for the different periods/phases of life.
34. Go to movie with family once or twice a week.
35. Try meeting your parents atleast once a month if you are away, get them small presents when you go.
36. Always handover your salary in your mothers hands,she will give back more than you gave her, but this shows respect and decilpline.
37. Call your and your partners parents everyday, ask about well being.
38. Let your partner spend personal time with his family/siblings when ever he/she wants.
39. Always discuss with your parents for the big decisions you are planning to make.
40. Admit and improve mistakes immediately.take criticism positively.
41. Donate for poor.
42. Take part in national development be a responsible citizen.
43. Respect and protect women and weak.
44. Stand rise and fight for wrong.
45. Go for a 1 week holidays with family to a new destination.
46. Spare Time for your friends, invite them to your place for food and fun,go for outings with them.
47, don't use unfair means to meet any big or small desire of yours, power of being honest and true is amazing.
48. Love your nation-family-friends-relatives-colleagues unconditionally, never have expectation of getting something in return.
49. Accept the change in life,make yourself adaptable to it.
50. Stay close to ground and celebrate when you succeed, stay calm when you fail, believe me failures are equally good learn from them and improve yourself.