What are the biggest misconceptions Pakistanis have about India?

Answer :-

Opinion 1:- 

By A Pakistani 

There are many like:
1- Yayyyy Pakistan has defeated India in 1948, 1965, Kargil and so no well NOPakistan has not defeated indian in any of these wars.
2- Each and every muslim in india is not happy being an indian. what i have find out is that they are as happy as we are being pakistanis.

3- Each and every one in Kashmir wants Kashmir to be a part of pakistan again no it is not like that i think it is very unlikely even if a plebiscite is going to be held in kashmir (which i dont think so going to happen because India has also same problems when it comes to freedom of expression). Kashmiris want their own identity most of them.
4- Bangladesh got separated from Pakistan! sorry we have nothing to do with that it was India behind this conspiracy. Sorry but it is good to accept your mistakes so that you can avoid these mistakes in future but we haven't learned anything from our past thats why still our government is not working on the development of smaller federation units. Although India did provide a helping hand to the separatists same like Pakistan is helping separatists in kashmir and this will go on and on and on only middle class or poor people will get effected with this revenge game.
5- Last but not the least India is behind most of these terrorist attacks in Pakistan. Well we have to accept it is a result of our own wrong policies. Even if someone is trying to cause harm to you are you going to let it happen?
I personally believe people from both sides should understand that our governments aregood for nothing, all they are doing is causing harm to each other and ultimately their own countries, our land has proved to be barren when it comes to produce great leaders who brings reforms in societies.

Opinion 2:- 

I was shocked when I got to know about the "remodeled" history taught in schools and colleges in Pakistan.

According to the Sustainable Development Policy Institute, since the 1970s Pakistani school textbooks have systematically inculcated hatred towards India and Hindus through historical revisionism. There is no mention of Islamic invasion and conversion of Hindus.Many texts give an impression that ancient Indian heritage was not destroyed by Afghans and Turks but Muslim heritage was destroyed by Indians, which contradicts the theory of mainstream historians.

 They even go to the extent of tracing the beginnings of Pakistan in the birth of Islam on the Arabian peninsula. Excerpts from one of the books say that "Pakistan" came to be established for the first time when the Arabs occupied Sindh and Multan; by the thirteenth century, "Pakistan" had spread to include the whole of Northern India and Bengal and then under the Khiljis, "Pakistan" moved further south-ward to include a greater part of Central India and the Deccan. [...] The spirit of "Pakistan" asserted itself, and under Aurangzeb, the "Pakistan" spirit gathered in strength; his death weakened the "Pakistan" spirit.

It is noteworthy that the term "Pakistan" itself was coined and used for the first time in 1933 by Choudhary Rahmat Ali, a Muslim nationalist who was one of the earliest proponents of the creation of a separate country for Indian Muslims. So, all they are doing is talking about the history of something which itself and even its name did not exist till around 80 years ago. 

When the children of Pakistan are brought up to believe in such stupid stories and imbibed with hatred towards India, all talks and efforts towards Indo-Pak solidarity remain an exercise in futility.

Opinion 3:- 

On the edge of my foot are :
  • Modi breeds caste system in India.
  • India came into being on 15th August, 1947. Before that, India never existed ever.
  • All Indians worship cow and they are vegetarians.
  • Behind every terrorist attack in Pakistan, there's always RAW.
  • Muslims in India, are not free to worship their religion.

Opinion 4:- 

  1. 1000 years Muslim rule in India.
  2. They are the same Muslim who ruled India.
  3. They won all the wars.
  4. Indian Muslims are treated badly.
  5. 26/11 was Indian govt plot.
  6. Prime Minister Modi will launch a massive war against Pakistan.
  7. Pakistan can wipe out the whole of India with their nuclear bombs and still survive.
  8. Hindus are complete vegan and hence can't be good warriors (these are two and special case of both dependent and independent functions).
  9. Indian Muslims sympathize with and support them.
  10. RSS is equivalent to "Bad" Taliban . (Of course there is a good Taliban in Pakistan...... Not).
  11. "Bahu lao Beti Bachao"  "Ghar wapsi" are the government funded and supported program.
  12. Any scientific development done by India can be answered by testing some random missile  in Pakistan "Hum bhi kuch kam nahi !! Dekho hamara 64km range wala chinese oops!! Al-Jawabi missile)(Translation: We are no less!! See our 64km range Chinese.. oops, Al-Response missile!!) Seriously they did it when India sent probe off to Mars!!
  13. Islamic Theocratic government will make Pakistan a developed country but Hindu theocratic government will ruin India. (Of course both will be blunders)
  14. Those stupid videos with title "Last warning to India by XYZ" and "Tight Slap to India" will intimidate Indians.
  15. Their economy is equivalent to Indian economy because Per capita income is nearly equal.
  16. Indians want to undo the creation of Pakistan. Nah! we really don't want to. Thanks Nitish Chandra.
  17. None of us are afraid of Ghazwa-e-Hind (Conversion of Hind). But you can have it as hallucinogen for keeping yourself happy.