What are the benefits of wearing pantyhose?

Answer :-

  • Pantyhose will keep you warmer than going out with bare legs.
  • Pantyhose will hide any shortcomings including cellulite, moles, bumps, pimples. varicose veins,  calluses, rolls of fat, unshaven legs and other personal details that the wearer might want to keep hidden.
  • They help your shoes fit better.  You won't get nasty blisters walking around and your feet won't get all sweaty and stick to your shoes, and as a result your shoes won't smell when you take them off.
  • Men consider them sexy because they add a touch of mystery.
  • A good pair of control top pantyhose will smooth out your figure and hide any bulges so your clothes fit and look better.
  • Control top pantyhose or support hose can help hold you up, especially if you need to stand for a long period of time.
  • You will look professional, well-dressed, sophisticated and elegant.  The Duchess of Cambridge knows this and always wears pantyhose (called "tights" in England) and that's why her legs always look great.
  • You don't have to shave your legs as often.
  • They are another way to accessorize.
  • They will make your legs look thinner.

From Man's perspective....

From personal experience: 
  • Discovered they are great for outdoor activities like hunting, hiking, running, etc... ticks don't bite through them (no lime disease). Additional warmth but very slight. In summer they act as SPF 30-50 for sun protection!
  • Discovered that Graduated Compression type can PREVENT night leg cramps when all that doctors offer fails! Also discovered this type of pantyhose is PREVENTATIVE for the formation of varicose and spider veins due to the support and increased blood flow in the legs. Also with these you really do have more energy all day!
  • Knowing what I know I would not give them up for anything. Not a fetish or other weird trait... just plain practical. Down side is cost.
  • They look great on the chicks... always looks more elegant and professional in ALL situations. Guys are still discovering them like skirts and there is progress against hard sexist heads...