Thinking Outside The Box ~ Answer

It is quite impossible to do this if all your lines are "inside the box". People will go nuts trying to connect the dots. You need five lines. 

However, it is quite possible to do it in four lines if you allow your lines to go "outside the box". 

This has led to the expression, "Thinking outside the box."

That is creative, divergent thinking, that doesn't follow typical patterns. Here are my 10 ideas on how you can practice to think more "outside of the box"

  1. First, define the box. What are the conventional ways of thinking about the problem? What everyone else does?
  2. Observe the most typical way with curiosity, as if you've never encountered it before. What are the steps? What are the assumptions that everyone is taking for granted?
  3. Ask yourself: "Wouldn't it be great if......?"
  4. Write your 10 ideas on the topic. Let your brain be playful, creative and don't be obsessed with the quality of the ideas. Do it often and you'll start being capable of creating good ideas quickly. And yes, these will be outside of the box.
  5. Make your ideas have sex. That is the process that combines two  ideas into a more powerful one. Once you have created some lists with 10 ideas, mix and match your ideas. Make them have sex and create the miracles.
  6. Read a lot. And make it diverse. Listen to podcasts. Enrich your internal library. That's how you'll have more material to work with.
  7. Meet new, interesting people. Expand your network. Same people inside of our comfort zones tell the same stories and keep our minds stuck in the box. Be brave. Reach out. Live or online.
  8. Talk crap. Hang with someone you love and talk crap for hours. No filters, no censorship, just relaxing Mad Hatter's Tea Party. That's how you'll sharpen your creativity, your sense of humor and have fun.
  9. Give yourself a task and let it marinate in your head. Make an intention to come up with "out of the box" solution for XYZ. Open your eyes, be curious, look for it but don't try too hard. You might be surprise, inspiration is often hidden at unexpected places.
  10. Finally, create your own recipe. I gave you a few ideas, but if there was a definite map, it wouldn't be thinking outside of the box, right? Create your own map. Make your own ideas and rules. Some will suck. But some will be outstanding, I am sure.