My daughter likes to wear tight jeans to high school, and shirts that expose just a little bit of midriff. Should I confiscate these clothes?

Answer :-

1) I am a high school student.
At my school, the "popular" girls go to school in literally leggings and belly-button exposing crop tops. I really doubt your daughter is receiving any special attention for wearing skinny jeans and a slightly shorter top.

Personally, I don't feel comfortable exposing my stomach, even though I like my body -although sometimes if a shirt is borderline, I'll wear it anyways, and then just regret it when I have to keep slouching and pulling my shirt down. Be glad your daughter has self-confidence, but if it really bothers you, suggest high waisted jeans! These are what I wear to feel comfortable in crop tops. Or maybe don't suggest these to her. You're her parent, and unless you have a particularly good relationship with your daughter, which I'm sorry, but judging from the fact that you seem almost scared to talk to her honestly about her wardrobe, and the fact that you (from what I can tell) had no input in what she wore in the first place, you bringing this up as an "uncool adult" may turn her away from high waisted items. I have serious respect for my mom's fashion choices, and I enjoy shopping with her because I trust her input. (Those shorts in the bold print I never though I could pull off? She correctly convinced me they would look better on the body. That shirt that was "Wow, that's a pretty... intense color." I was sick of by the fourth wear.) But everybody is different.

Know your relationship with your daughter and what it can handle. If you are seriously bothered by this, then talk to her about it respectfully. Ask her why she wants to wear what she's wearing. But don't be surprised if she brushes you off (or even gets annoyed) when you try to talk to her about why she wants to wear the shirts (the jeans are really so normal they're not even worth discussing). She wants to wear the shirts because they're popular right now, and maybe because she feels like they "express her personality." Let her be. As long as she's not acting inappropriately, she's absolutely fine.

2) No.
Those clothes don't make her worth any more or less. They don't show that she is respecting herself any more or less. They don't say that she is moral or immoral. They don't say that she is sexually promiscuous or conservative. They don't show a thing about her intelligence. Your concern and reaction, though, seem to show a lot.

If tight jeans and midriff on your own teenage daughter make you uncomfortable then I think you're focusing on the wrong problem.

Stop sexualizing irrelevant parts of your own daughter's body and get to actually being a parent helping to ensure that your child is becoming the best that she can be. Believe me, that doesn't include confiscating clothing such as tight jeans or shirts that show midriff. Now get to work
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