Most Awesome Double Meaning Songs in Bollywood Movies

From Khada Hai (Andaz – 1994) to Laila Teri Le Legi' (Shootout At Wadala) 2013 Bollywood has come a long way presenting double meaning almost perverted lyrics into the brains of everyone who goes to watch movies!

With the censor board beginning to become strict with the kind of content that is being passed onto the big screens now, there were times when songs were like this!

Yeh Maal Gadi Tu Dhakka Laga (Andaz) - If the lyrics in the song left any empty gaps, the choreographer happily filled it up with the suggestive pelvic thrusts.

Sarkai Liyo Khatiya (Raja Babu): Cheapness went a few notches higher and lead to people changing the channel whenever this song played on the TV.

Chhatpe soya tha behnoi (Karan Arjun): Amrish Puri and the rest of the goons starring Mamta with lustful eyes as she describes her night with her behnoi (brother-in-law).

Choli Ke Peeche  : The 90’s did come across as one of the worst time in Bollywood history, because of the suggestive sleaze-fest going on throughout the decade. Madhuri Dixit became really famous, with this song, which was rather explicit and did send the eyebrows flying high.

Sexy Sexy : Back in the 90’s it was a taboo to use the word “sexy” in India. The song lead to huge protest and the censor board was quick to take action. The word “sexy” was chopped off and replaced with the word “baby.”

D .K .Bose : This song was repetitive abusing which the younger generation seemed to have enjoyed a lot. The head-banging rock music, made one say “DK bose” in a loop and voila! Then it donned what the song was actually about.

Aa Re Pritam Pyare : Even the youngest of children were humming to this song sending their parents into a tizzy. With lyrics like,”Pallu ke neeche chupa ke rakha hai Utha doon toh hangama ho” there is little left to the imagination.

Dreamum Wakeupum: There was a point when Rani Mukerji became desperate to make her comeback, and therefore did such a distasteful song.Face to face-um dhartiputram
Top to base-um kamasutra-um Thighs-um thunder-um down-um under-umSize-um matter-um think-um wonder-um Jumping-um…pumping-um…Throbbingum…thumping-um… Do we need to explain anything?