JNU Incident From A Diffrent Point of View ~ Whether You Are A Hindi, Muslim, BJP, RSS, Congress, CPI etc Comment if You Have The Power To Disagree. Please Share if you Agree

I have a slightly different take on this. First let me explain my personality so that You get the essence of what I'm saying.
I am not an Aaptard, Bhakt, Congi, Presstitute or whatever.
I am not a patriot of any country and not Anti Any country. I just have agreements/disagreements on issues based upon my own understanding and I will not use heuristics(Nationality, Religion, Region) to determine which side I take
The way I look at my country is like a House(India) that I pay a rent(taxes, human effort, service etc) to live in. I am thankful for my house owner to let me stay, but I do not love my owner beyond condition nor am I obligated to do so. I feel neither does the house owner have any obligation to me apart from the service he gives towards my rent.
I am just a dispassionate observer trying to explain why things are the way they are. I do not take sides

Now, let us go back a few decades.
India Independence: Bhagat Singh bombed the Central Assembly as a violent form of protest/dissent to achieve his objective of India's Independence. The British(the government) at that point in time labelled him a TERRORIST and hanged him for acting against the State.
However India won its Independence a few years later and Bhagat Singh is hailed as a great Freedom fighter who fought for India's freedom 
Had India been still under British rule, Bhagat Singh would still continue to be called a terrorist who attacked an institution of the state
Tamil Movement in Sri Lanka: LTTE has carried out violent attacks in Sri Lanka for what they perceive as a response to the sufferings of Tamil People in Parts of Sri Lanka. The LTTE in Sri Lanka is a terrorist organization, but for the Tamils of India and the ones in Sri Lanka, they are Freedom Fighters
British/Lanka/India would say none of the people were being oppressed in Pre Independent India/Lanka/Kashmir while the counter parties would always claim thats not the case. The one in rule will always believe that ALL IS WELL and the opponents will argue ALL IS WRONG
We who have not experience of either side can only guess the reality. There are 3 realities. 
and the Actual Reality
Moral: It is futile to argue about RIGHT and WRONG. History is written by who finally won the battle. If Kashmir indeed gets its independence, Afzal Guru would be hailed as a Kashmiri Bhagat Singh. If not, he will continue to be called a terrorist. RIGHT or WRONG is decided by who finally win the battle.
The way to look at issues is to be a dispassionate observe and analyze rationally as to why things are the way they are(Analysis), not Should things be the way they are (Moral Correctness)
Talking of Pakistan's support to separatists in India fighting for a separate state, let me tell you, India has done the exact same thing in the Bangladeshi War of Independence. India gave support to those fighting for a separation from Pakistan
Why I wish to tell all these is, while your media/government and the general feeling of "MY LAND" patriotism will make you believe that your country is the most Righteous/Honest/Good, that is far from truth.
Its all a battle of power with each country looking at options that serve itself the best. There is nothing moral/immoral about it. It is just the way Nature is
Power/Battle for territory/Protecting my interests
My suggestion is to not get unduly disturbed by PATRIOTISM or LACK OF IT as a moral issue and look at it from a rational logical view.
You will find that No One is Right/wrong. Neither India nor Pakistan nor British nor Sri Lanka nor Kashmir nor JNU nor BJP nor Congress nor AAP
They are all players in a game trying to gain an upper hand to serve their best interests.
One might finally ask, Where is my allegiance ?
Ans: To whatever is in my best interests
But otherwise I am a casual observer