Is wife swapping common in India? I am not able to decide it is moral or not.

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We are seeing each other since a few years now. I don't want to follow things just for the sake of it.. We both don't see any harm in doing it. Is it fine? Or am I being very immoral? My husband is broad minded and says it is fine, Is it truly fine?

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I usually leave these controversial questions alone because for me to express my thoughts on such issues would require a long time and I am quite lazy. I do love reading answers though and for some reason I do not agree with most answers here and I couldn't resist answering.

I like how you've put it down as "I don't want to follow things just for the sake of it" and you've questioned the morality of wife swapping as well. I've broken this into sections that might help you break this down further.

1. Morality:
The question of morality might be as simple as a yes/no or as complicated as the best of philosophical questions. I'd like to keep it simple though. There are 4 people involved. Are they all consenting adults? Have the boundaries of sexual activity been discussed and agreed upon by everyone? If that's the case, then I believe, you're morally right.

Remember, if there's a sliver of doubt or hesitation from any one of the participants, be sure to call it off.

2. Legality:

Just because it's morally right doesn't mean it's legally right. Most places that allow sex without marriage should also be OK with exchange of sexual partners. However, please be sure to check the local laws before you proceed. If your hometown does prohibit this and you'd like to do it anyway, I would personally suggest you work on changing the law and make life easier for other couples instead of trying to get on the wrong side of the law.

3. Social acceptance:

I'd ideally like to tell you not to worry about society and you do what you want to. Unfortunately, we do not live in a society that lets you live life your way. Society judges and no matter how strong you think you are, society has the power to bring people down, push them into depression, or worse. So it's important for you to discuss confidentiality and if possible have a legally binding agreement. Personally, if I were participating in something like this, I would consider legally binding confidentiality agreements.

4. All this is fine, but should you do it?

Now this is a question you should answer for yourself. Do not let anybody talk you into this. It's one thing for something to be "okay to do" but another thing for you to want to do it. You should only consider it if you want to do it.
Personally, I am a fan of sexual and emotional exclusivity in relationships but that should not motivate me to judge or condemn what others fancy. Frankly, that should be none of my business.

All the best. If you go with it, have a great time!

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