Is Kerala's "Kiss of Love" campaign the right way to protest against moral policing?

Answer :-

Opinion 1:-

"Is this the right way to protest?"- the same question was asked a decade ago in Imphal incident too. The incident, where women had protested naked against the atrocities of the Indian Army in Imphal. My answer to this question: I don't give a f^ck about right or wrong. I'm only worried about "how", how come the protest had taken that far. What happened in 2004:

The action follows violent protests by women in Manipur after the bullet-riddled body of 32-year-old Thangjam Manorama was found on July 10.

Witnesses say Manorama was picked up by soldiers of the paramilitary Assam Rifles from her home on alleged charges of links with separatist rebels.

Hours later, her dead body was reportedly found four kilometers away from her home in the state capital Imphal, with multiple bullet wounds, besides torture signs.

Before worrying about the cultural dilemma about right or wrong, everyone must ask the below mentioned questions in the "Kiss of love protest": 
  • What the f^ has the yuva BJP activists got to do with a couple kissing in public?
  • Why the f^ has these stupid activists destroyed the restaurant in which the couple are kissing?
  • Why haven't any serious actions taken against these activists?
After pondering these questions, I can come up with only one thing: They were forced to protest that wayMore discussion should be done in that direction!

Opinion 2:-


I was reading through various articles, when I found this excerpt 

One of them, Naveen, justified his intervention with this explanation - "Kiss of love is a bad precedent and is not safe for our wives and children."
Children? Okay. But unsafe for wives? Ha ha!

I think the motive is good, but the path chosen,? Am not very sure about that.

Moral policing has always been a menace  in India. Self righteous activists dictate norms, on how people should behave. Not just couples, if two people, a guy and a girl go out, they might just be friends, the looks you receive are piercing. I am damn sure the old grumpy women must be thinking , "Had it been my daughter, I'd have bashed her bones for it."

 I do not support aping the west, but if pissing and pooping is acceptable (?) and done in public, then why the hue and cry over simple hand holding? Or just a guy and a girl walking? 

I don't understand, why can't young people be allowed to do what they are supposed to do. Isn't that how procreation happens? Isn't that how the previous generation enjoyed?

Coming to the protest itself, that will be banned. There will be strikes. Buses and public property will be destroyed. 

But then, it has to start somewhere, so that's that.

Opinion 3:-

India is in the danger of being pushed back in time by a bunch of people who think they hold the right to say what free people are "allowed" to do. 

India as a democratic country already has a fairly well thought out "Constitution" that defines the rights of every citizen. We were taught in school that "Your fundamental right ends where the other man's nose begins." Pretty much meaning that each one of us is fully entitled to our rights and has no business poking his/her proverbial nose into another's affairs - literally and figuratively.

We do not need certain political parties to tell our children that they must not hold hands in public. We do not need Shiv Sena to tell our children that Valentine's day is alien to our country and nobody will exchange cards. We do not need a moral police that tells us what to do. 

Morality has to come from within and cannot be enforced by a bunch of people. Who is another person to dictate that jeans are not good because they incite men to rape. That holding hands can corrupt the minds of youngsters. That a Muslim boy who woos a Hindu girl is doing so with the intent to convert her and there is no love lost between them. 

What I suggest they do instead of wasting their energies in this direction is 
  • Educate young men and women to change their mindset and learn to treat each other with respect.
  • Round up eve-teasers (and adam-teasers as the case may be, if such people exist), photograph such people and circulate pictures in social media, ensure punishment commiserate with the crime and follow up with such people to ensure further proper behavior.
  • Public shaming of the perpetrators of crime has far reaching effects. That can be done by us, the citizens who turn our heads away when we see a wrong happening before our eyes.
  • Teach proper conduct in schools and to common people through street plays and demonstrations.
  • Understand that it is not the girls whose clothes need to change but it is people like them who need to remove the curtains from their eyes.
  • Educate mothers and fathers to treat the girl child with dignity and bring their sons up to treat all girls with respect.
  • Respect the right of an individual to have sexual leanings of their desire. The LGBT faction need their space and the right to live with dignity in private and in public.

The strong message this simple act of protest is sending out is that other people have no business interfering with the way people lead their private lives. If we allow them to mess with our heads now, they will want to dictate how we pray next, who they will marry, next, what our children with study, next, what we eat, later...

India needs freedom of choice not freedom from choice.

Edit: This bit is for all the comments which talk about whether I am fine with people making out in public, whether I think children are safe with such acts happening all around them so on and so forth...

First and foremost, I do not believe that we live in an amoral lawless society where people have no idea of how to behave in public.
Secondly, as I look at it, these moral science lessons are best when taught at school and home by parents not by a bunch of conservative people who do not necessarily know their own limits.
Thirdly, I will not tolerate interference by state in my private life and certainly not enable them by giving in to their demands knowing fully well that by giving in to this inch, I would be giving in for the whole yard.
Lastly, the means chosen may have affected the lives of a few commuters for some time, but the end objective was justified.

My response to a comment in another answer in this thread: 

The point is that every citizen has the freedom to choose to lead life as they will. 
Today there will be a diktat to not smooch in public. Tomorrow it will be to not hold hands. Yet another day in the not so far future girls will be told that they must not wear jeans. Then there will be a rule that an unmarried girl will not be seen in public with a man who is not her father or brother. Are we laying the ground for an Indian Taliban?

Edit II: Today (11/11/14) a college has banned girls from entering the library because boys would get distracted! How random is that!

Edit III: A lot of protest for using RSS' name - apparently they are not anti-women! I may be right or wrong about them, but definitely there are some political parties that are anti-feminist and so the answer has been amended to remove references to RSS.