Is it ok that I rarely wear a bra? I have A-cups, and I only wear a bra when I need to (depending on my outfit) but I usually am braless, is this alright?

i find they uncomfortable in general and i only need a sports bra when working out am i the only one? all my friends have big boobs so they always have bras on, some even sleep with them on.. yikes?


Opinion 1:-

I think whatever makes you comfortable is fine, and if you want to go braless under shirts, then that's acceptable.  Bras are really for those who want or need the extra support.

I would only suggest if you plan on wearing a sheer shirt and are worried about anything showing to wear a camisole or tank top underneath.  Some tank tops have built-in "shelf" bras so you will have an extra layer.

Opinion 2:-

Bras are really only necessary to provide support or extra cleavage. Some women also just wear one so that your nipples don't show through certain clothing but there are other options for that too. So if you feel comfortable without a bra and don't really need the support of one, then go for it! It's a personal choice. Be comfortable.

Opinion 3:-

You should do what's comfortable for you. I'm also small breasted, and I've got some nerve problems that made wearing most bras agony for me. In situations where nipple coverage might be a concern, I'd just wear a sports bra. Otherwise, I'd go without.

Opinion 4:-

You must wear a bra if you are wearing sheer or thin fabric up top. Most men are obsessed with nipples despite the size of a female's breasts. Therefore, you should cover your breasts to prevent unwanted attention.  You should also wear a bra around the attached men in your life like family members or boyfriends/spouses of close female friends.  I know this from experience. 

If you are in your home or in a comfortable environment, then do as you choose. But since you wrote this question, I am guessing this topic has been mentioned by the people in your life.
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