India's scorecard reads after 0.2 overs as 12/0 (Sachin: 6 and Sehwag: 6). How is it possible?

Just for Fun. I went through the answers, I don't think the helmet one is right as those runs are not credited to the batsman but it goes under Extras. (Thats what I think, Not sure)

The 3 most possible answers can be 

  1. Sachin Tendulkar is on strike and Shikar Dhawan is on non-striker’s end.
    Malinga is bowling.
    First ball – Sachin hits a massive SIX!
    Second ball – Malinga is about to deliver the ball and sachin backs away as there is some disturbance on the sight screen, looking at this Malinga loses control of the ball and releases it blindly, the ball hits the unprotected side of unprepared Sachin.
    Sachin is in pain, and is not in a shape to play. Second ball is adjudged DEAD and Sachin is retired hurt.
    Sehwag comes to bat at no.3.
    Third ball (technically the second ball) – Sehwag clears the ropes, SIX !
    Score 12/0, Sehwag :6, sachin :6
  2. Sachin and Dhawan open the batting. Sachin is on strike and Dhawan is the non- striker.
    First Ball: Sachin hits a SIX. India – 6/0. Sachin 6(1)*
    Meanwhile, Sachin gets injured while hitting the shot. Probably, pulls a hamstring.
    Second Ball: Sehwag comes to bat. Sehwag is on strike. He hits a SIX.
    So the score will be;
    Score 12/0 in 0.2 overs, Sehwag: 6, sachin: 6
  3. Sehwag and Sachin open the innings
    First ball: Sehwag runs 3 runs, out of which one run is short. The fielder overthrows and the ball goes to the boundary. As it was case of short run so Sehwag will get 2+4 runs for this ball. Most importantly it will bring Sachin on strike.
    Second ball: Sachin will hit a Six and the result is achieved.
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