If my wife refuses to accommodate my old parents in the house, how should I get a divorce if she is not willing to grant one? I have no kids. Should I have to pay alimony?

Ours was a love marriage. 

I am the only son. They are old with health issues and my wife is a hypocrite with double standards like many woman.

I choose my parents who loved me unconditionally over her.

Answers :-

1) Yes you have to pay alimony and probably half of ur property . Before getting divorce take legal advice. Even if you convince her to have your parents stay with you " keep a close watch what is going on when u are not there at home ".

If you want to live with her , instead of wasting in alimony ,spend on ur parents , I would suggest to rent a house very close to ur home for your parents and take care of them give time to them.

2) The way these issues are coming now in almost every marriage, I think the day is not far when we will have to go for contract marriage ,as happens in celebrity couple cases. 
There will be need to write every expectation , responsibility, expenditures, earnings, child custody, alimony,  etc in marriage contract and follow it as long as it works and get separated as per terms stated in contract .

3) You will never get answers from a hypocritical society we live in. Few from female gender will have an ultimate reply - she has left her parents too? Or she is not some slave. Or love her. Or anything on those lines. Check the same question 10 years later. You'll hardly find a neutral and unbiased suggestion by female gender. Because by default in laws are a burden. You may probably get suggestions but they will be after my response. 

But there is a sad truth in that. Girls in india do make a supreme, unmatched and top ranked sacrifice of leaving home after marriage. And usually forced to accept in laws as hers. How i wish humanity prevails after marriage and both parents get equal attention.

Keep in mind - A person who loves you will not come in the way of your loved ones.

4) Divorce is not a good idea ,if u want to live with her .probably there are so many paths are there.but who know the coming partner will allow your parents in our home.first she have to understood the importance of parents so visits frequently to parents home(both her and ur parents) so that she can understand  .any situation that came that she is ill in that situations she have realize on her won tell her that give one chance .i always give same life as like before only .all the best for ur life bro cheers.

5) I write from a US perspective.  What were your and her reasonable expectations before marriage, based on your conversations and cultural norms?  If practically everyone in your culture has old, frail parents move in, so that she should know without any preceding discussion to expect that, then you have a reasonable complaint, and, if you discussed it before marriage and she agreed, you do, too.  Otherwise, she has an issue:  you want to unilaterally radically change her living conditions based on an obligation you feel that you did not disclose prospectively, and you are not looking for ways to see that your parents are well cared-for that do not impact her as much.   Also, what's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander---are you willing for her parents to move in, too?

6) Parents are most important and if in such situation you should bring them home but it doesn't mean that you should leave your wife if there is any dispute. You must find a way because your wife also left her parents and came to stay with you. Your parents and your wife both compromised something for you. Think 100 times before doing anything.

7) Your wife would have had double standards if her parents were living with you, but she was not letting your parents move in with you.

Being an Indian married woman, I know for a fact that it is mostly the husband's parents who are always too old, too weak if their boy is not living with them, while the wife's parents always have to look after themselves. The husband is ridiculed by society as 'ghar-jamai' if he lives with his in-laws.

If you think my answer is hurtful, you have to look no further than any average Indian household. You will mostly find nuclear families (husband and wife, with or without kids), or the wife living with her in-laws.

source :- quora.com