I love a girl even more than me but she doesn't even think of me. Should I quit because I am tired of not thinking about her or go into depression?

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Opinion 1:-

First of all, let me laugh for a while. 

Ok good, there is a reason why guys like us always screw ourselves over petty things. Let me start with a perfect movie to portray your question- RANJHANA. 

Its quite a dramatic display of how a guy give it all in for a girl and she didn't think of him but only herself. DON'T be that guy. 

Now let me share you my story. I was where you are now, there was a girl who went all over my head. I always daydreamed about her. Did all the conventional methods just to have a glimpse of her. Was it love, offcourse not. It is called infatuation. As there were no other female friend of mine who was this amazing. Back then all i could do was startled myself just to get her consent like a barking hungry dog on leash when it sees a chocolate. Nothing was clear back then, i used up all my pocket money on her and what happened? NOTHING. 

As time passed by, i was advised by my friends( I was in all boys school) to focus on my boards than on her. It was 2008. I tried hard to get over her but everytime i did, it went in complete disregard the moment she walked past me. Eventually i ended my social life and went to complete isolation. It helped me somewhat. I scored good, went to KOTA like every lamb did back then. It was the time i realised it was infatuation. There were no friend of mine, no computer, no Television, nokia 1100 and its snake was my companion. Lesser than least was the pocket money. But it eventually paid. I didnt get a good rank in IITs but scored somewhat good to get into NIT, Allahabad. It was only then when i got to know what love was. I met an incredible girl, who was way wayyyy prettier than her. I was a complete brawny who was sure as hell will not get a girlfriend and will ever be in someone's boudoir. I had given up on girls, and thought that brothers are better than a leaching girl. But to my surprise this girl, loved me for what i was. I was shocked when i was the one who recieved the text 'hi' and was for once on the other side of the phone. It felt incredible. At that moment i was ready to be a slave of her. Gradually, we became fond of each other. Canteen, isolated corridors, empty stadium became our best places for hangouts. The time flew, clocks were never this fast. On holidays we used to go home by the same train although she had to change the train further for getting home. She was the one who was making the efforts and i, was for once on the recieving end. I loved her, i still do.

This is she, isn't she amazing. It has been 5 years when we entered into relationship. And somewhere this time the next year, she will officially be mine.

So, my friend there is surely someone who is out there for you. Who knows, you both might be reading this at the same time. Don't rush into things. All things happen for a reason. Cherish it. Because the efforts which you are making will surely befall on you, like it did on me. Just wait in, try to forget her, if not, try to accept the fact that she ain't yours. 
Sorry mario, your queen is in another castle. 
Cheers. All the best.

Tere jaane ka kuch aisa asar hua mujhpar,
Tujhe dhoondte dhoondte mene khud ko paa liya..

Opinion 2:-

Try 'Going into depression'
you will be surprised to discover how soon you will snap out of it, if you are so 'aware' of it.
Being afraid of "what if I go into depression", being afraid of "If not her, then who!!" is what depression is all about. Being stuck in a loop. In such situations, you do not know you are in depression - but you already are. Realizing you are is the first and biggest step to come out of it :)
Once you are out, and trust me...you will be. Think on your ideas about love and turn them around on yourself:
  1. You love her more than yourself. Is that your definition of love?
    So if a girl tells you "I do not love myself that much. But I love you lots. So can you please love me?" - would you be attracted to her?
  2. She does not even think of you. But you are still hopeful. Is that your definition of love?
    So let's say you tell a girl "Hey, I am honoured that you like me so much. Though I do not even think of you at all..or not in that way." and she responds "That's OK. Can you try please? Cos I really really love you" Would you find that attractive?
  3. Should you go into depression? Is that proof of great love?
    She then not only tells you that she does not love herself that much, it's OK if you don't even think of her...she tells you that she will even go into depression if you do not show interest in her.
She is saying she does not love herself that much, it's OK if you don't even think of her, so much that she will go into depression if you don't say 'yes'. YOU are her only hope for happiness. Would you like that girl?
Neediness <> Love
A mistake we all often make is mistaking 'neediness' for love. If you 'fear' what will happen if you do not get another person, if your happiness depends on another person - then you are 'loving' that person for what you will 'get'.
If that changes, or they change, or you do not get as much as you thought...you are bound to start hating that person. Because Hey!! "Nobody likes to be unhappy. I was unhappy...and I thought I found happiness at last. How dare she prove me wrong!! I demand happiness!!!"
If you are equally unfortunate, you will get someone who demands her happiness from you. Then you will be partners in unhappiness under the illusion of "You complete me"
"You complete me" indicates "I am incomplete"
It's advisable to first find wholeness in ourselves, joy in ourselves, love in ourselves...and then search for a partner to share that joy with; not a nurse to heal our wounds.
Needy love says "You will make me happy. If you don't say 'yes' I will die. Please love me. I need it."
Real love says "I want to share my happiness with you. If you don't say 'yes', I will find somebody else to share it with. So? Want some?" And if they say 'No' you walk away happily. 
The partners you need are found on the way to your wholeness, not when you are out 'looking for them'. Chase your dreams...HAVE your dreams...earn your joy. That will attract people who appreciate that kind of joy. Then you become co-travellers on the same path. 
Opinion 3:-
Here is a thing- If you love her, you can't just give up on her. Not today, not tomorrow, not ten years after. If you love her, you can't give up because then it wouldn't be love but something else, something not worth fighting for.

Now, I ain't asking you be alone to keep longing for her all your life. You should move on, go out, find a nice girl because love ain't always about happy ending. It needs sacrifice sometime. And it sure as hell not selfish. When you love someone, and she doesn't, you must be strong enough to let her go.

Now the part of never giving up. Well, love always comes with hope. A hope that she'll be in your arms someday, and drizzles of rain will kiss you and fall and you'll walk holding hands and you'd be perfect.
           You should never lose that hope because today you might be like a toxin in her heart but who knows when you become a nectar. You may meet when you're slight older and mind less hectic and you may find each other just perfect.

Bottom line- Don't live any stone unturned to show her how much you love her. Rest is upto her. If she doesn't reciprocate, move on. But Never Give Up. (If you really love her). And seriously, no point of going in depression for those who don't give a damn about you. That's pathetic!
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