I have INR 500. How can I make it INR 1000 in two days?

Money has never made man happy, nor will it, there is nothing in its nature to produce happiness. The more of it one has the more one wants- Benjamin Franklin

There can be many ways. Few are mentioned below:-

Best Strategy :-

Well, You can do a lot with 500 INR.

In the modern world, where there are a lot of companies offering a hell lot of offers just to win the race of becoming the number one, you can easily make some money using one of them. So, I am gonna explain a simple way to convert INR 500 to INR 1000. So, here's the step by step process

I am assuming, You have a mobile/Laptop and internet access.

1) Go to nearest shop and buy a few sim cards. You can even get Airtel 4G sim for free online. (See, I told you, free sims to win the race to become number one.)

2) Go to PepperTap - Online Grocery - Android Apps on Google Play 
and buy Britania Bourbon biscuits worth 250 and apply promo code KOX4D to get it for INR 100. ( The offer is valid for 1st order only so, you need multiple sims)

3) In every Britannia bourbon Packet, you will get rs 20 coupon that you can add to your paytm wallet.

4) So use those sims to make 4 accounts and order Britannia bourbon from all those accounts. So, after spending rs 400, you have rs 1000 worth Britannia bourbon and rs 1000 in paytm wallet.

5) Distribute those Britannia buiscuits to some poor children and use those coupons to get money in paytm wallet.

PS- you can transfer this money to your bank account.

you have just earned rs 1000 by spending 500. ( 400 on peppertap and 100 for sim cards)

Disclaimer - The answer is just for fun. Try at your own risk :p
PS - There are lot of other offers by many compnies, you can use any of those :p :p :p

Strategy 1:- 

During Final end semester examination, Students  residing in hostel 
( Engineering one especially )  Always study till 4-5 am in the morning  , its kind of  general more and less in  every Institute in INDIA . Choose some  university   near your place which should be in  the city  outskirts and get in touch  with Hostel Supervisor off that university  .

Step 1 - Get a contract  mess worker and make sure he is good . 

Step 2 - Start  Serving   Tea - bread Omelette or Bun Omelette , Omellete , Boil Eggs ,Coffee  after 11 pm . Because after 11 pm in most of the Indian hostels there is nothing  where student can go and hangout .
( You can spend up-to 350 -  400  rupees only -  Bread , bun , Eggs ,Coffee powder , onions ad  )

Step 3-  Buy some Cigarettes ( Brand like - WIN , they are cheap INR 20 for a pack) and sell each cigarettes  for Rupees 10 only to your trusted costumer  , it's kind of illegal , but  no body gonna complain  so give it to only trusted costumers or  some mutual Friends. 

Step 4 - With Remaining 50 Rupees  - advertise next day ( Flyers in all the boys hostels)

Strategy - 2:-

Day 1:

1. Go to a mineral water manufacturing plant near you.

2. Buy one liter bottle for Rs 10 by negotiating with them now you have 50 1 Lit bottles.

3. Go to public places like railway station or a bus stand.

4. Sell each bottle at Rs 15 for a profit of Rs 5 per bottle.

5. By the end of the day sell 50 bottles

6. Total profit = 50 bottles x Rs 5 per bottle = Rs 250.

7. Now you have a total of 500+250= Rs 750 in your pocket.

Day 2:

1. Revisit the mineral water plant.

2. Now with Rs 750 you could buy 75 bottles.

3. Revisit the public place , sell the bottles.

4. Sell each bottle at Rs 15 for a profit of Rs 5 per bottle.

5. By the end of the day sell 75 bottles.

6. Total profit = 75 bottles x Rs 5 per bottle = Rs 375.

7. Now you have a total of 750+375= Rs 1125 in your pocket.

That's how you could make Rs 1125 from just Rs 500 in two days.

Strategy 3

Buy 5 'Half Girlfriend' books from amazon.in for  Rs 440/- (Rs 88/- per each book).

2. Go to nearest railway station and board a train with decent number of passengers.

3. Sell those 5 books for MRP ( Rs 175/-). Give 10 or 15 Rs discount if someone asks for it. Now you have 5 * 150 =  Rs 750.

4. Repeat steps 1-3 using the 750 rs you have now. You only have to sell 13 books you can make 1200 with your initial 500, ie 140% profit.

less effort, more profit ;)

NB: I'm one among, who bought this book for Rs. 170/- from a seller in train and found that it was available in amazon for Rs. 90/- the next day itself 

Strategy 4:-

Choose Dec/Jan of any year.
Buy woollen caps for Rs.500/-
Report at 6 am at any safari park in Northern India (Ranthambore, Khaziranga, Corbett etc)
Sell the caps to the tourists at 10 times the price.
You'll make Rs.5000 from Rs. 500/- every morning.
[Almost always the tourists are well covered with sweaters and jackets, but have forgotten the caps. And believe me in that bitter cold, you'll pay anything to have your head and ears covered!]
It happened to me, so I know. And you do not require education or fancy degrees. You only need the smartness of the urchins who sold us the caps.

The same principle will work every time in other situations.

Strategy 5:-

"Please accept my apologies if someone'e sentiments get hurts after reading this one."

You have 500/- .
Wait for some auspicious days.
Get a baba or saint's or priest's dress and props on rent for 2 days.
Sit silently outside some frequently visited worshiping place... (remember, DO NOT SPEAK ANYTHING.. Just Meditate)

People themselves will start paying you at-least 250/- a day.

1. India is a Secular country, One can practice any religion.
2. You are not begging, you are meditating. People will pay because they spent a lot over non-worthy religious showoff. No religion ask you to spent money, rather request to be good to people who need your help. But still there are person who spent a lot over religious showoff for maintaining their "Pseudo-Society-Status". Be-fool them.
3. At the end you will get good money, improve you meditating skills, free meals, you might also get better contacts and there is a fair chance that you can establish a "Bloody-Befooling-Business" out of it.

VOILA... you can make a lot in just investing 500/- & sitting Idle.

"I again apologies if I hurt someone's moral, spiritual, ethical sentiments."

I don't think so but if by any chance you are planning to implement this, please do remember to "help needy and feed poor", if you earn more than what you estimated.

source :- quora.com