I am jobless after a B.Tech from IIT. What should I do now?


I am a pass out of batch 2014 from a new IIT. I did my B.Tech in Electrical Engineering. My CGPA is pretty decent (>8). I didn't get a job from campus placement.

I am like a person who need to earn after graduation.

I did focus on getting letters on my grade sheet rather than something in my brain. Because

of that I suffered badly during interviews. I was good in written but screwed up in interviews. 

I am totally point less at this stage and don't know what to do?

So posting the question here in hope of some help/guidance.


I have a very good advice for a person in your situation. Give GATE. You mentioned having nice theoretical knowledge but inability in application/implementation when in face to face interviews. As GATE is purely theoretical and conceptual, it will be a walk in the park for you.
Choose any top level IIT and generate a rapport with your MTP guide. Work under a Professor and not Associate or Assistant professor. Trust me, it matters a lot. Professors love people with good theoretical knowledge. They will admire you and show you off as a role model to their graduation students.
Now get to business. Start 

ing papers. As your strength is theoretical knowledge, I'll say play on it. 
 as many papers you can. And then get a PhD in the same college under the same professor. It's as easy as a walk in the park when the professor is impressed by your enthusiasm towards knowledge.
After getting PhD, become an Assistant Professor in the same IIT or any other IIT. You can even try NITs.
If you are worried about your expenses, rest assured, M.Tech and PhD students get sufficient stipend to carry out their own expenses. However, you won't be able to support your family/desires etc. during this period.
Now for everyone who thinks this is a sarcastic answer, let me clarify, its not. In fact, my father will be really happy if I could achieve this.

source:- quora.com