How often do actresses have to sleep with co-stars/producers/directors for a chance in a movie?

I would like details from both Hollywood and Bollywood. Does this happen only with debut actresses or with established actresses also? What is the case of bollywood actresses like Mallika sherawat, Neha Dhupia, Poonam Pandey...?


Opinion 1:-

You are missing out on the important point,  apart from sexual craving from either end. 

*Identity crisis and the virtual sense of security*

It's a huge mind boggling gambling zone, that is movie industry. However glorious masks might seem to mislead us as art appreciation,  it's all about random fame and money. Loads of it.  Exclude a few passionate people for    their love towards theatre and acting,  the rest come to make money. And that's not entirely bad as well. The skill to money output ratio,  if only everything goes well, is very good in the film domain. Hence,  you used find many people flocking around here for filling their tummies. 

Bring the gender aspect here.  Male dominated,  and no respect for those women who come to earn money,  as their desire is understood as looseness in their character. So,  the provocative aspect is very strong and irresistible in the movie fraternity.  A few fall prey to it,  because they have to earn money to run their families. 

And not everyone is sleeping around,  some are given shelter by being friends with the big houses. Being associated with them would imply that no one else would mess up with them. Money and power implies safety here,  more than anything else.

You forgot about the other sister industries that thrive on gossiping  fodder.  Those rumours turn out to be either extremely helpful or mentally traumatizing for the actors. Remember,  it's the TRP money again.  

I am not speaking of the women who have the deliberate intentions to do (you mean sleeping) whatever they want. It's their choice,  it should be.  Why should we judge ? Who are we to comment on their lives? 

Stop highlighting their lives to such a minute detailing. This is the reason for the existing undeserving film celebrity sycophancy, which replaced the more meaningful talent adulation.

Opinion 2:-

It is common knowledge that most film actresses have to sleep with producers / directors / actors / film financiers / underworld mafia and others including agents / brokers,  in order to get a role in their films.   It is widespread and prevalent across various levels in the film industry and also in its ancillary activities like modelling / advertisement,  in different forms.   It applies to aspiring actors too.   This lurid phenomenon is called the  'Casting Couch'.   It is an universal secret that everyone knows,  many personally experience,  but none ready to openly admit.

The  compulsive curse of the  'Casting Couch'  (both female and male)  is a harsh reality that is commonly prevalent at each and every stage in the  film industry.  This lecherous way of life is simply and conveniently  considered an occupational hazard in the film industry.   The level of  lechery in the Indian film industry would put even our randy stray street dogs to shame.   No one can ever dream of making it big unless  they are completely compromised on the casting couch in order to climb the slippery success ladder.

My view in this matter is simple and straight.  It takes two to tango.  There is no victim or victor.   There is no sinner or saint.   Both the parties are in the game for their own selfish ends.  One party is seeking a 'favor' and the other the 'price' for the favor.  Nothing comes free in this rat race, particularly in Bollywood where it is a damn dog-eat-dog dirty ruthless world of perverted glamour and glitz.   The one who exploits the opportunity wins the game.

So what is the big deal ?   None of the parties are kids - they are consenting adults.  One act of  'exploitation' is set off against another act of equivalent 'extraction'.   It works both ways.   The one who has extracted the 'benefit' of the casting couch by bagging a movie role, will never ever admit it.  For both the parties,  it is a matter of  'mission accomplished' - both achieved their personal targets and got what they wanted.  So all is square and fair.  Only those who compromised but could not extract the 'benefit' will complain & crib about the casting couch.   But the world has no time for losers.  They are fast forgotten, done and dusted.  Time to just move on.  Nothing really changes !

Opinion 3:-

Some background is in order here.

The commercial cinema world brings what kind of people together?  People who have the guts to take a plunge into the unknown, or have the means to do so comfortably.

Art is in itself, a search into the unknown, and that automatically means, fairly open minded people are likely to venture into this domain.

For now, I will leave the pure artists and professionals out.

There are those who are just drawn to the idea of stardom, and a quick shot to get there.  This lot is the most available to bed on the casting couch, not just because they're desperate, but because there are others who will do that if needed.  Remember stardom is as much a statistical shot as it is one of ability and talent.  Opportunity, many will tell you, doesn't knock that often.

On the other side, on the 'industry' side of it, there are people who are attracted to the glamour and the chance of making big profits in a short period of time, other than the chance of having sex with someone they would otherwise have very little chance of charming or seducing.

At the meeting point of these two energies and anxieties, there are people who know the next opportunity or break is crucial to their progress as artists or stars, and are quite willing to pay a price for it, if expected and those that will simply make the offer.  The equation is expressed without ambiguity and it doesn't come as a surprise to most.

However, there's no guarantee that it will pan out!  That's where some disgruntled people come out an express anguish, file cases etc.  They got fooled, perhaps?  At the point of invitation to the casting couch, it is consensual, so nobody tries to allege rape or anything of the sort.  But they see some point in exacting a pound of flesh upon someone they otherwise have no power over.

It is reality but not everyone has to deal with it.

On the other hand, true artists on the pursuit of fulfillment and excellence in their own domains, tend to be extremely open minded, and liberal and liberated in every sense of the word.  Many actors, especially those that take their emotional range to be dependent on the range of their experiences in the real world, do stay open to exploring and going on adventures, without any real expectations.  If two such people meet and sparks fly, both are likely to have some fun, without any thought on what could come out of it.

In this openness and freedom, it is easy to get addicted to all options being open all the time, and that is why many celebrity marriages that come after famous romances don't seem to last very long.  Used to a daily life where no day is the same as the one before, many find even the smallest constraints extremely claustrophobic, and are simply not ready to be tied down in any way.

This lot, however, will consider the casting couch an insult, for it is also constraining, and will refuse to be a part of any such condition.

There are also well known directors, producers and actors, with perfectly established professional reputations, who will take a chance on bedding someone!  It just seems to be something so easily available that it doesn't seem to surprise anyone!

Forget about the powerful and the prey.  There's plenty going on in the very temporal world of cinema that makes the casting couch look like a silly, amateurish thing to have around!  But that's what silly, amateurish people look at.

Opinion 4:-

  • As often as a school teacher has to sleep with the headmaster
  • As often as a nurse has to sleep with a Doctor
  • As often as a junior recruit has to sleep with the CEO of the company
  • As often as a airhostess has to sleep with a pilot
So what about Mallika Sherwat and Poonam Pandey. Since they bare all they will even sleep with the light boys ?
Perverted minds asks perverted questions.
Compromises, betrayal, back-stabbing happens everywhere. In a dog-eat-dog profession like Modelling and acting where the stakes are high it will be more. The person who has the will power and the ability to succeed thrives. If we start probing the background of everything you will have to deal with lot of stench and filth only.
Better to see the positive side of everything rather than the negative side.

Opinion 5:-

Rumour spread more quickly than the original truth...

Bollywood is all about gossip's & rumours, where everything you will get to know on the Page 3.. Each media has their own opinion & basically Indian media are more interested in Actor's(include Male & Female Actor's) personal lives.. 

Recently I heard during the shooting of Tamasha (A movie where Ranvir Kapoor & Deepika Padukone plays the lead role, releases in November 2015) everything has been sorted between them & they are going to dump their partners & marry each other...

Why this is a rumour?? 

Because 2 days back during the promotions of Bajirao Mastaani (A movie where RanveeerSingh, Deepika Padukone plays the lead) Ranveer Singh (the current boyfriend of Deepika) says to the media that "She is so beautiful that he can wait for her life long"...

Bollywood is all about this, everytime Actor's don't make statement on behalf of them..Because it's not possible to reply against every media, every rumours..Let people think about you, some people will definitely be there to grab you down..make filthy statements about you when You become a celebrity...Even when Cricketers get out on field, audiences make comment "Sala Tu Gadha Hai, Ye shot ko leg mein nehi off mein khelna chaiye tha" (You are an ass, this shot should have been played in the off side instead of the leg side) Even when Sachin Tendulkar (God of Batting) got out people pass their suggestions...

Being a  Indian, I must say this that Most of the Indians have a in-born nature to to advice, to pass comments on successful persons even if we don't know about that particular topic... 
I cannot say what you have heard or what is this question all about it's completely wrong... Some people got involved into this mostly we never know their name... Actually it's a trap, if you do this then you may get some roles but you cannot be go to the top..Because that guy will definitely haunt you through out your career..Either they demand your money or something else..

Have you heard of Casting Couch?? Basically these people who recruit new actor's for serials, ads , small roles in movies etc... Those guys who want to make a career in Bollywood sometimes get offers from Casting Couch about these roles.. What some filthy minded Casting Couch (Not most of them, basically males) people do that they offer this role to 6-8 girls with a condition that whoever comes first to satisfy him in bed she will get the role... 

Sometimes these stories cannot be heard of because of rejection in the industry,even strugglers  are not ready to share their bad memories.. Even Directors & Asst Directors are not aware of it as they just don't focus on evrything.. If They need people they contact those casting couch people that's it... Still some cases are there on some directors, actors..Even Shakti Kapoor (Mostly played Villain roles in 90's movies) got himself involved into this just because of his bad nature, some creepy people are always there in every field..

But sometimes what we hear it's not true.... It's not appreciating that we should comment on an Industry without knowing the actual truth.. People Say  Aishwarya Ray, Madhuri Dixit, Rani Mukherjee did sex with Yash Chopra & other big banner directors and that's why they are successful now.. Man, do you have any proof?? If not then how we can udge them? How can we forget about their efforts & hardwork behind every role? Why we cannot respect an actress?? Just because she is a part of modelling cum bollywood.. where girls need to show their skin, show their glamour.. They just do this because it's a part of their profession, they maintain their figure so that people can follow them &  She gets the money... I heard most of the actresses cannot eat an Ice-Cream throughout the year Can you do that??

If you cannot respect their efforts, then you have no right to comment on them.. Still People will continue commenting That's for sure     

Think if your sister or girlfriend becomes a model or an actress still can you think the same??

If Indians start believe in rumours, then on International Scale how we can say we are proud of our own Bollywood?? 

 Stop spreading rumours, start believing the truth..

Hope you get an idea now what you have to think about Bollywood..

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