How is Arvind Kejriwal's daughter treated at IIT?

Harshita Kejriwal is her name.

She is a very simple girl with no attitude of being a daughter of CM.She is treated just like other students, she talks with us, walks with us, plays with us and watches movie with us just like any other student.

I was volunteering in one of the Inter IIT event where she was an participant. While maintaining security of the venue at the Entry Gate, I recognized her, but still as a process, asked for her ID card and without any ego, she showed it. 

But none other than me was able to identify her. After she went, I asked a security person that did he knew that Daughter of CM of Delhi passed through this gate a few moments ago. Suddenly the security person got shocked and stood up from the chair on which he was comfortably seating and could not believe.

next day, I along with one of my friend saw her eating at Mess without any difference. During the whole event, I saw no difference, no security and thus can say she is just like another IITian. :)