How does it feel after a wardrobe malfunction?

Answer 1:-

I HAD A MAJOR WARDROBE MALFUNCTION(or rather call it absence of mind)

It was many years back. I was only 14 -15 so very naive. The school benches all faced front. We sat on nice chairs like posture chairs. I usually wear fairly long skirts in the school which stayed below my knees. Most of the girls wore long skirts. But that fine day i wore a shorter skirt from my uniform collections(of course randomly selected,not too short any ways). That week it was my turn to be in the front seats. Some boys were punished by the teacher and were made to sit down in front(remember those "go and kneel down in the front" punishment) .

Actually I was on the show! Those boys eyes were staring under my bench. I can't even be sure I had my knees together. You kind of forget to be careful about that when your at class bench for hours. They saw my face as I saw them looking and tried to act innocent. I felt like crying. I felt violated. Some girls in the side rows had seen the boys looking at me for a while. I was kind of surprised the girls didnt warn me. They were a bunch of envious people. Sorry to talk like that!

Happy that I left that school after 10th grade, shifted to another school(not because of this incidence though. :p)

Answer 2:-

I had a wardrobe malfunction at my parents anniversary party in an up scale restaurant. I was wearing a lovely pink short kurta which had a zip on the back side. Maybe when I got it stitched I was a size smaller or the tailor was playing a weird joke on me, whatever when I wore it I did realise it was slightly on the tighter side and yes the zip did open up. Thankfully I covered myself with my dupatta and went shopping for a dress. Well I didn't find any place that sold Indian dresses so I ended up buying a (kinda) short lacy dress. Imagine my parents and their guests' surprise. I came to the party in a modest kurta, salwar, dupatta et al and in a matter of a few minutes (max of 30 minutes) I'm in western clothes. I pretended as though it was all pre-planned only my mom knew (and still the only other person  who knows) about my wardrobe malfunction.
Edit: As to how I felt about it - I felt proud of myself as at that time I kept a cool head and covered myself up with my dupatta and avoided what could potentially have been a very embarrassing situation (as the zip was almost till my lower back) instead of panicking. Of course I didn't take a full proper breath until I changed my dress :) But yes with a cool head such embarrassing situations can be dealt with in a simple manner.

Answer 3:-

Did you have to remind me of this?
My friends and I had gone to a restaurant. I was sitting on the edge of the  (very small) seat with two guys next to me. After some waiting, our Pav Bhaji (the dish that we'd ordered) arrived and we started hogging. Then all of a sudden, the right strap of my bra broke. I asked my friend (the only other woman in the group) whether she had a safety pin. She didn't. Moreover, there was not any washroom in the restaurant. My t-shirt was tucked inside so it would obviously look pretty weird, if you know what I mean. So, I continued eating (that's all that I could do) but with left hand while I was trying to support my right part with my right arm. It was so awkward and the guy next to me must have been wondering what the hell was wrong with me. I feel sad because I could not even enjoy the food because I was so worried.
Finally when we got out, I could not see any lingerie shop in the vicinity too. After walking a bit, my friend discovered this small shop and bought some safety pins. Thankfully, there was a public washroom around so I dashed inside and somehow hooked my bra. Yes, I heaved a huge sigh of relief after that. :D

Answer 4:-

This happened to me recently when I went to Chandni Chowk (Old Delhi) with 2 of my friends. I was wearing my favourite cotton Palazzo Pants which has a big spread so it looks like a huge skirt.

After visiting Jama Masjid, we were boarding a cycle rickshaw and when I was getting on, my palazzo got stuck in one of the screws of the rickshaw and I heard "trrrrr". But it took me a minute to realise what had just happened.
The central stitch of my palazzo tore off to a great extent. I was freaking out! Not only because of the wardrobe malfunction, but also thinking about the place I was at. One of the most densely populated areas in Delhi. 

I told my friends about it and they had a good laugh first, before helping me save myself from the embarrassment! (Although their laughter made me want to punch them! :P)

Finally we got off in front of a cloth market and I had both my girlfriends cover me. We walked in a row and I was in the middle.

I finally bought a stupid skirt and since it's a street market, they didn't have any changing rooms, so I had to wear it on top of my palazzo.

That made my lower half look really large because of all those extra layers of cloth. I bet someone might have mistaken me for being pregnant!